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Friday, May 27, 2011

LTD M-100FM See Thru Black Cherry

Simple yet pack the tone for the metal players! If you're a Metallica fan, you're sure to be aware of Kirk Hammett's KH series guitars, and designed similar in shape for those who love it, this is the LTD M-100FM STBC!

LTD M-100FM See Thru Black Cherry

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Basswood
Top: Flamed Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Neck Contour: Extra Thin Flat
Frets: 24 XJ
Inlays: Dot with model name at 12th fret
Bridge Pickup: ESP LH-150 Bridge
Neck Pickup: ESP LH-150 Neck
Bridge: Floyd Rose Special
Finishing: STBC (See Thru Black Cherry)

Standard super strat design, with flat top and 2 humbucker pickups.
Not just an ordinary guitar, the LTD M100fm is designed to fulfill the metal thirst for those who seek heavy tones, yet with fast neck!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orange Stereo Micro Crush CR6S Amp!

Cant get enough of the famous Orange Micro Crush?
Now you got 2 speakers built in 1 amp! The Orange Stereo Micro Crush!

Orange Stereo Micro Crush PiX CR6S

Looking small, looking strong
Dont judge a book by it's cover! The amp may be small, but beware of it's power! Loud enough for you to jam your favourite songs thru your pc or home speakers!
Simple configuration, Volume, Gain, Tone knob

Built in tuner for your convenience to check your guitar's tuning before every jam! It's accurate, so no worries

Powered thru 18v adapter (which available separately) or by 9v batteries
That's it, you can play it at home or even when you're outside without power supply!

Did I mentioned batteries earlier?
Unlike the previous Micro Crush, the CR6S is powered by 2 x 9v batteries! Double speaker, double power needed!

For those who always wanted a simple (and small) practice amp, the CR6S Orange Stereo Micro Crush is a good choice, where you get a solid tone from it's size! With the 2 x 4" speaker, you'll be having lots of fun jamming with it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Contestant Needs YOUR VOTES! AstroHitz Spin Master 2

Hail fellow readers! (or poisoned guitar lovers!)

The Astro Hitz (Channel 705) Spin Master 2 audition is finally over, and these DJs need your votes to get them to play a set live at the Gallery, Ministry of Sound, London!

Simply click on http://www.facebook.com/astrohitz and click SpinMaster 2 at the left side bar, or just click AstroHitz Spin Master 2 to VOTE for the best DJ among the chosen ones!

Judges getting into the groove, that's real support!

Help from the PRO!
Spotted something familiar for guitarist? METALLICA?? No, it's NEVER SURRENDER!

Our friendly judges, DJ Goldfish, DJ Gabriel and DJ Blink in da house!

Musicians, DJs, guitarist, drummer, bassist, vocalist or whoever you are, drop your VOTES on these fellow contestants to make their dream come true to play at MOS London! Let's make MALAYSIA proud!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails SHR-1

If single coil pickups are giving you too low output, and your start guitar only fits a single-coil sized, the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails will do the trick! High output single-coil sized humbucker pickups that fits!

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails SHR-1

Popular choice by most artist on the single-coil sized, where it produces strong output, incredible sustain and fat tones for it's size! The pickup that is suitable for player to get into heavier playing with their strat!

Great pickup for well balanced instrument, where player can have a wide variety of playing style from classic rock to heavy metal stuff!
Suitable for all 3 positions, the bridge, middle and neck pickup replacement on the guitar!

If you're looking for an incredibly versatile guitar with great tones, pair up the Seymour Duncan Cool Rails SCR-1n on the neck position!

Never worry when you wanted to play something heavy beyond your single-coiled Stratocaster's limit, as Seymour Duncan Hot Rails will be there to save the day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Epiphone SG G-400 Cherry

The guitar from the Rock n' Roll era, designed to be much more affordable than it's elder brother, the Gibson SG, let us welcome the Epiphone SG G-400! Double cut-away, slimmer neck profile and lighter weight while still keeping the tone!

Epiphone SG G-400 Cherry

Construction: 24.75" Set-neck
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Neck Profile: Slim Taper
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 Jumbo
Inlays: Trapezoid
Bridge Pickup: Alnico Classic Humbuckers
Neck Pickup: Alnico Classic Humbuckers
Machinehead: Grover Tuners
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
Tailpiece: LockTone Stopbar

The guitar with the pointed "Devil Horns" cutaway, typical SG design!
Slim mahogany body, being lighter weight compare to the Les Paul, but still maintaining the sound that a rock player needs!

LockTone stopbar and Tune-O-Matic bridge, keeps the guitar in tune always and allowing a good sustain as well! No more worries of losing your tuning when playing live!

4 knobs configuration, where each volume and tone serves on each pickup. Player can have more sound options to play with! 3 way toggle switch, easy way for pickup switching!

Behold, the heart of this G400! Epiphone Alnico Classic Humbucker Pickups!
The rock tone that you need for the type of music! You get the crunch, so let's start jamming right away!

24.75" scale length, similar to the Les Paul guitar

Epiphone designed headstock, with the Epiphone word imprinted and the SG truss rod cover

Deep lower horn cutaway, allowing way easy access up to the 22 fret
Part of the difference of the SG comparing to the Les Paul, where you get the tone, and you still shred!

22 Jumbo frets with pearloid trapezoid inlays, classy!

Full painted body and on the neck as well!

Equipped with Grover tuners, the G400's companion by keeping the guitar in tune always!

Set-neck construction, warmer tone, better sustain and easier access on upper frets!

Warm deep tone while having easy playability, the SG G-400 serves it's purpose with it's mahogany body and slim neck design!

Earlier post on the Epiphone SG G-400, new pictures on this post for more poison!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Morley Bad Horsie 2: Steve Vai Signature Wah Pedal

Getting it close to Vai's playing style? The Morley Bad Horsie 2 is Vai's selected choice for Wah pedal, getting all the sound that he plays live!

Morley Bad Horsie 2: Contour Wah

Comes with 2 foot-selectable Wah mode, Bad Horsie and Contour Wah. You got 2 Wah in 1, the Bad Horsie 1 and Contour Wah!

In Contour Mode, there are 2 knobs allowing you to alter the frequency and level of the Wah. Everything is all on your foot, just step to switch between modes, dont need to bend down and tweak with your fingers!

Switchless design!
Simply step on the engage Wah mode and again step off to bypass the Wah!

Electro Optical Design to avoid scratches and wear off!
Dual LED indication for easy notice and easy access battery compartment

True-Tone Bypass buffer circuit which ensures pure guitar tone and maintain signal level in both bypass and Wah modes.

The Wah pedal for the die-hard Steve Vai fan, and if you love the Wah he did it on his albums and live shows, you're gonna love this Wah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BC Rich Warlock Revenge Black Onyx

Down to the extreme shape guitar side, for the players who seek something exactly for the metal music, welcome the BC Rick Warlock Revenge! Heavy tone, killer look, sharp edges, isnt that what a metal guitarist would be looking for?

B.C. Rich Warlock Revenge Onyx

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Diamond
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: BC Rich BDSM
Neck Pickup: BC Rich BDSM
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic w/ Stopbar
Finishing: Onyx (Black)

Flat top Warlock body shape, covered with white binding on the body top, and shines you out when the light is on your way! Built with mahogany body, for the deep and warm tone. Suitable for heavy rock and metal music, for the extreme!

Simple electronic controls, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob and a 3 way toggle switch.

Drop D or changes your guitar tuning often? The stopbar tailpiece comes in handy, where tunings are easily changed and yet keeping the tunings stable!

BC Rich stock pickups, the BC Rich BDSM (Broad Dynamic Sonically Matched) pickups suitable for drop tunings, metal style! An improvement from the previous BC Rich stock pickups

Killer body look, especially for Kerry King of Slayer fans!

25.5" construction guitar
The Warlock body shape is something different from any guitar, giving the player an extra eye view from the crowd!

Does the guitar look mean?
That's what the warlock should be! Build tough, and aim heavy for it's tone!

BC Rich original designed Widow headstock!
Something that a BC Rich fan would wanna have for his guitar!

24 Jumbo frets, with rosewood fingerboard for the warm tone!
Not to miss out, the guitar comes with diamond inlays. Something different from common dot inlays at the price!

Deeper cutaway on the lower horn, allowing easier access to the upper frets!
Not just looking extreme, it's playable and shredable!

Unpainted maple neck, giving comfortable neck grip for certain players

BC Rich standard tuners, allowing the guitar to stay in tune!

Bolt-on construction, with the BC Rich metal plate
Serial number are imprinted at the back of the headstock instead of on the metal plate

Even the back is sexy! Shiny!

For those who seek the meanest shape guitars, the Warlock are always an excellent choice! And this Warlock Revenge is guaranteed to rock hard at an affordable price! Extreme shape with an extreme tone!

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