Contestant Needs YOUR VOTES! AstroHitz Spin Master 2

Hail fellow readers! (or poisoned guitar lovers!)

The Astro Hitz (Channel 705) Spin Master 2 audition is finally over, and these DJs need your votes to get them to play a set live at the Gallery, Ministry of Sound, London!

Simply click on and click SpinMaster 2 at the left side bar, or just click AstroHitz Spin Master 2 to VOTE for the best DJ among the chosen ones!

Judges getting into the groove, that's real support!

Help from the PRO!
Spotted something familiar for guitarist? METALLICA?? No, it's NEVER SURRENDER!

Our friendly judges, DJ Goldfish, DJ Gabriel and DJ Blink in da house!

Musicians, DJs, guitarist, drummer, bassist, vocalist or whoever you are, drop your VOTES on these fellow contestants to make their dream come true to play at MOS London! Let's make MALAYSIA proud!


  1. pm me the price...

    just kidding :)

  2. vote vote! they need a little support (and so do i! hahaha..)

  3. funny la the video, got frog sound rebek rebek hahahaha

  4. haha.. drop him a vote, he'll be happy with ur extra 1 vote :p

  5. dead eye dj lately?? aaahahahaha

  6. haha.. still selling guitars bro, that's just helping to DJs to get some vote :p


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