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Thursday, June 30, 2011

LOUDNESS Live In Malaysia!

the Thunder In The East is coming to Malaysia, 24th July 2011!
Performing at KL Live, featuring local rock musician Amy Search!

is life LIKE HELL enough?
it's Akira Takasaki with the Killer Guitars! A shred night that shredder lovers wont wanna miss!

Mark down your calender, and hurry up to grab your tickets while it's still available!
Tickets are available at Rock Corner (One Utama, Curve, etc...) so it's easy to get them

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ibanez RG2550z Galaxy White

One of the top line of the Ibanez RG series, with Ibanez high craftsmanship, highest performance with the best materials, fall under the Team J Craft Prestige line, this is the Ibanez RG2550z!

Ibanez RG2550Z Galaxy White

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on (AANJ)
Body: Basswood
Neck: 5pc Wizard HP Maple/Walnut Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio IBZ-B
Middle Pickup: DiMarzio IBZ-S
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio IBZ-N
Bridge: Edge Zero w/ ZPS3
Finishing: Galaxy White

Sexy white finishing blend with the pickguard color, giving the RG2550z a different look compare to any other guitars!
Equipped with the Ibanez EDGE Zero bridge, for maximum comfort on the floating bridge system without tuning loss problems and sustain loss!

Newly designed knobs, the collet knobs, created for great looks and avoid the risk of coming off while playing. Also gives more accurate axis rotation and control for the player!

DiMarzio IBZ pickups, specially designed by DiMarzio in the US for Ibanez guitars, mainly the RG Prestige series.
Bridge pickup having a cross tone between DiMarzio Steve Morse Bridge and Super Distortion while the Neck pickup having an almost similar tone to DiMarzio Super 2

Cutting edge design, a versatile guitar for all genre!

25.5" scale guitar, with white binding on the guitar neck
Slim neck for fast playing, designed for the shredders!

Ibanez traditional headstock, with the Prestige line imprinted on it.

Ibanez All-Access-Neck-Joint (AANJ) bolt-on construction, giving player more comfort and easier access towards the upper frets.

Gotoh Japan tuners, smooth tuning rotation and keeps the guitar in tune until your next strings changed!

The Ibanez ZPS3, made of light weight Duralumin.
The additional 2 outer springs makes the guitar easier to tune and provides much greater tuning stability. Guitar also stays in tune even if a string break!
If player prefer a full tremolo setup, just simply remove the stop bar!
Easier bridge height adjustment, without needing the screw drivers!

Sleek design with body cutaway, giving maximum comfort for the players!

Like all Ibanez Prestige series, the RG2550z comes with the Ibanez Prestige hardcase!

Fits perfectly inside, no worries on damage or shake

The guitar that most Ibanez RG lovers dream to own, with it's maximum playability and great tones, the RG2550z is worth an asset!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

You raise us up, care for us, bought us GUITARS to play with, and today, it's your day!


Great day for those being a dad!
and for the rest of you, enjoy your time with ur dad, probably some jamming session! :D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 FR See-Thru Black

Seeking heavy tones at an affordable budget, Schecter offers the Omen Extreme-6 FR, which comes in archtop quilted maple on the mahogany back with 24 XJ frets!

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 FR See-Thru Black

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-On
Body: Mahogany
Top: Quilted Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24 XJ
Inlays: Vector
Binding: Multi-ply Body/Neck/Headstock
Bridge Pickup: Schecter Diamond Plus
Neck Pickup: Schecter Diamond Plus
Bridge: Floyd Rose Special
Electronics: Push/Pull Tone Knob, Volume Knob

Not like regular super strat at this price range, the Omen Extreme-6 gives an archtop look on the body, with shining see thru finishing over the quilted maple top!
Powered with Schecter Diamond Pickups, you get the heavy tones directly out of the box!

If you're a player that does dive bombs and pull-up alot, this guitar will meet your criteria. But dont over do it like Steve Vai, you'll lose your tunings unlike Vai's setup

The new innovation, the Push/Pull Tone Knob, allowing player to switch from humbucker to single coil sound, and vice versa! Giving advantage to more sound choices, making it a versatile guitar for various music!

Sexy gloss finishing I would say, with the Quilted Maple top, giving additional sweet tone for the mahogany back

No traditional DOT inlays!
Hey, it's a metal guitar, you got to have some attractive inlays!

Schecter Headstock with multiply binding to add the classy touch!

Model name imprinted on the truss rod cover

Larger cut-away to allow easier access on upper frets. If you shred, this would come in handy for great solos!

Natural satin neck, for comfortable grip and playability for some players!

Schecter tuners, to keep the guitar in tune while having smooth and precise tuning!

Bolt-On construction, with a smaller wood block to allow better comfort!

Back body cutaway giving extra comfort while playing standing

The Omen Extreme-6 FR is designed for the heavy genre, as well as being a versatile guitar to play with any other type of songs. Affordable in price, great in specs!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jackson Adrian Smith San Dimas Gold

Welcome the guitar that will make the Iron Maiden fans crazy, the Jackson Adrian Smith Signature San Dimas in Gold finishing!

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature San Dimas Gold

Alder body with bolt-on quartersawn maple neck and compound radius ebony fingerboard, this guitar sure is yummy!

Powered with Dimarzio Super Distortion on the bridge and Fender SCN single coil pickups on the neck and middle positions. Not only featured as a strat, it comes with the Original Floyd Rose bridge system as well!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fender American Special Telecaster Olympic White

Introducing the new Fender American Special series, where Fender puts everything you want in an afforadable US made instrument within your reach!

Fender American Special Telecaster Olympic White

Construction: 25.5" Standard Bolt-on
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Neck Shape: Modern C Shape
Fretboard: Maple
Frets: 22 Jumbo
Inlays: Dot Position
Bridge Pickup: Texas Special Tele Single Coil Pickup
Neck Pickup: Texas Special Tele Single Coil Pickup
Bridge: Vintage Style 3 Saddles String Thru Body
Accessories: Fender Deluxe Gig Bag, Fender Polishing Cloth
Finishing: Olympic White

Original Fender Telecaster body, where player can get the TWANG from the guitar! The American Special Tele comes equipped with the Vintage Style 3 Saddles bridge, which not just keeps the guitar in tune, also enhance the strings vibration from the string-thru-body!

Traditional Telecaster configuration, 1 knob and 1 volume with 3 way pickup switcher. The Master Greasebucket Tone Circuit is an unique feature on this Telecaster, where it rolls off high without adding bass!

Equipped with Fender Texas Special Tele Single-Coil Pickup, where you get the maximum tone of a Telecaster! Produces bright, rich, cutting tone from the bridge pickup

And on the Neck pickup, you got the warm, mellow, bluesy tone!

The main key of the American Special line, US Made with Texas Special Pickups!

25.5" Scale length, with Maple Fingerboard! It's always attractive having White finishing and Maple fingerboard together!

Fender traditional style Telecaster headstock!

Maple fretboard, where you get the sharp tones!
Black dot position inlays, with 22 Jumbo frets, that's yummy!

Satin neck finishing for those who like the feel of it. It's comfortable to get a hold of the wood while playing

Fender Standard Machine Heads, to keep the guitar always in tune!

Bolt-on construction with standard 4 bolts

Unlike most American made Fender, the American Special Telecaster comes included with the Fender Deluxe Gig Bag! Padded softcase to keep your guitar safe, and easy to carry around for jamming sessions and gigs!

Several compartments where you can keep your other accessories (polishing cloth, cables, one stompbox pedal, etc...)

The American Special line features everything a player need on the telecaster, the tone, the feel and also the look! Looking for an affordable Made in America Telecaster? You got it now!

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