LOUDNESS Live In Malaysia!

the Thunder In The East is coming to Malaysia, 24th July 2011!
Performing at KL Live, featuring local rock musician Amy Search!

is life LIKE HELL enough?
it's Akira Takasaki with the Killer Guitars! A shred night that shredder lovers wont wanna miss!

Mark down your calender, and hurry up to grab your tickets while it's still available!
Tickets are available at Rock Corner (One Utama, Curve, etc...) so it's easy to get them


  1. Ijau: yeap, She-Wolves also. come come buy buy!! :p

    dr ben: how far bro? :(

    super-1: Thunder In The East!!

  2. akira takasaki here i come!!!!!

  3. wanna watch, but too many problems this time around...

    btw, dr ben now is in pencil-vania

  4. ijau: wut problems?? :(

    where is pencil-vania? some place where u use lots of pencils?

  5. financial & newly-wed problems

    btw, pencil-vania = Pennsylvania

  6. how much the ticket?

  7. ijau: takpe la, iron maiden far more power than this :p

    anonymous: free standing RM98, vip above RM135 :D

  8. Iron Maiden and Loudness plays different styles.. but in my opinion, Akira Takasaki is a very talented guitarist

  9. nono, wut i wanna mean was LIVE band experience, not comparing their style or music :D

    akira takasaki is superb shredder!!


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