LTD M-100FM See Thru Black Cherry

Simple yet pack the tone for the metal players! If you're a Metallica fan, you're sure to be aware of Kirk Hammett's KH series guitars, and designed similar in shape for those who love it, this is the LTD M-100FM STBC!

LTD M-100FM See Thru Black Cherry

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Basswood
Top: Flamed Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Neck Contour: Extra Thin Flat
Frets: 24 XJ
Inlays: Dot with model name at 12th fret
Bridge Pickup: ESP LH-150 Bridge
Neck Pickup: ESP LH-150 Neck
Bridge: Floyd Rose Special
Finishing: STBC (See Thru Black Cherry)

Standard super strat design, with flat top and 2 humbucker pickups.
Not just an ordinary guitar, the LTD M100fm is designed to fulfill the metal thirst for those who seek heavy tones, yet with fast neck!

Basswood body for an all-round sound, balanced tone yet lightweight!
Close to the tone of the alder, with less body, even Steve Vai uses the basswood for his Jem77V guitar!

Simple electronic configuration, 1 volume and 1 tone knob with 3 way switch blade!

The Floyd Rose licensed bridge, Floyd Rose Special!
Specially designed for lower range guitars to get a close feel of the Original Floyd Rose bridge. If you love divebombs, this is what you need!

ESP stock pickups, the ESP LH-150 humbuckers!
Great for heavy riffs and leads, with balanced tone!

If you're someone who's not that into plain black finishing guitars, the M100fm flamed maple top with See Thru Black Cherry finishing will be something interesting!
The Flamed Maple Top add some warm tone to the basswood back, giving a darker sound for heavy music!

Reversed ESP style headstock with LTD word imprinted!
What's even better, matching headstock with flamed maple!

Rosewood fingerboard, which enhances the warm tone on the guitar, with one piece maple neck for more attack!
Dot inlays, with the model name on the 12th fret

Deep cutaway for easy access up to the 24 fret!
Good way for soloing over high keys

ESP machine head, keeps the guitar in tune!
ESP trademark imprinted at the back of the headstock!

Bolt-on construction, with a minor angled carved for better playability

See thru finishing on the back as well, keeping the guitar sexy with it's wood grain!

For those who seek heavy tones, and yet compromise on lead playings, the LTD M-100FM serves it's purpose! Not just resembling Kirk's KH-2 series, the guitar has the tone of it's own!


  1. got to agree this guitar is superb for metal, got one my self in black

  2. nice one in trans black bro! :D

  3. bro i know this is out of the topic but how much is the alexi laiho guitar with 2 emgs on ur wallapaper?

  4. tis i like.. really.. my fren got tis STBLK colour.. awesome! the ESP pickups=high output. need not to chg the pups! ;-)(hehe.. tlg taukey DEG promote tis axe)

  5. anonymous: hey bro, that's a custom shop made guitar, which is at least RM10k :D do lemme know if ur allocating a budget of RM10k for it, then we can start a progress on custom made guitars with ESP :D

    gary: haha thanks for the promo bro. yeah this guitar is meant for heavy music, the stock pickups itself is giving good riffs!

  6. can u give the price to me

  7. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  8. Hi

    Is this guitar still available? PM me the

  9. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  10. Christopher KhooJuly 7, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    i guess this is not cheap LOL

  11. but i gotta say it's not expensive for something like this :p

  12. ish ish ish... ada RG350m last time almost same already :p

  13. email me the price

  14. U got the price emailed bro! :D

  15. email me the price please

    thx. ;)

  16. U got the price emailed bro :D

  17. really intrested can u email me the best price for this guitar :)TQ (

  18. wow awesome guitar..still available? email me the price price:D


  19. do you have ltd mh 350 nt? pm me the price

  20. got u emailed for the price bro! :D


  22. this one still available? pm price


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