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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yamaha Guitars and Basses (New Guitars)

YAMAHA is well known in the Music Industry
Get your Yamaha today!

Both acoustic and electric guitars and basses are AVAILABLE!

More models are available, just drop me a CALL or SMS or simple EMAIL us!

Dean Guitars (New Guitars)

Fan of Dave Mustaine, Michael Angelo Batio, Rusty Cooley, gather here!
Here is where u can get ur Dean Axes, and start shredding them

More Dean gutiars are available, including Dean Basses
Just email or drop me a sms or call

PRS SE series guitars (New Guitars)

PRS guitars are here! The SE is an affordable series for players who wanna get a touch on PRS
There are 2 signature guitars, the Tremonti SE and Paul Allender of Cradle of Filth

Note: If you're into HEAVY sound, try the PRS Paul Allender SE. i'm sure it will blow your head off

Epiphone Guitars (New Guitars)

Hey rockstars out there, get yourself a Les Paul and stand out the crowd like a Rockstar!

LTD Production Line series (New Guitars)

The LTD is made affordable for players who wanna own a ESP which has almost the similar specifications as their favourite artist.

Here is where you can have your dream come true

ESP Will Adler, ESP Eclipse, ESP M-II (New Guitars)

ESP Will Adler Signature series, guitarist of Lamb of God
A new will Alder signature series in Black Camo finishing is released in 2009
ESP Eclipse and ESP M-II

ESP Kirk Hammett KH series and James Hetfield (New Guitars)

ESP KH-2 and Truckster
In addition to 2009, ESP released ESP Iron Cross and reissue the ESP KH-2 Ouija
Wanna play like Metallica? Enter Sandman anyone? This is what you should get...

ESP Truckster Black

Kirk Hammett had been using ESP guitars for over 20 years. ESP released the 20th anniversary Limited KH-20 Guitar to celebrate 20 years of relationship with Kirk Hammett

Hetfields's signature model ESP Iron Cross guitar is based on his Gibson 1973 Les Paul Custom "Iron Cross". James uses this as his main tour guitar on the World Magnetic Tour

ESP Alexi Laiho Signature Series (New Guitars)

Alexi is now endorsed by ESP guitars and uses them for every COB recordings and live shows.
Alexi's quote, "ESP just fucking rocks. You're not going to find a better guitar for heavy music, anywhere at any price."

ESP Alexi Laiho Signature series
Alexi Laiho is the lead guitarist and singer of Children of Bodom, and also guitarist for Sinergy

Ibanez RG fixed bridge, S series, Iceman and X series (New Guitars)

The Ibanez RG fixed bridge series
Ibanez S series
Ibanez X series

Ibanes RG Guitars (New Guitars)

Ibanes RG Guitars
Equiped with the Edge III bridge, for players who wanted to play with the tremolo bar

Ibanez Prestige Made in Japan and RGT Korean Made (New Guitars)

Ibanez Prestige MIJ guitars, one of the finest guitars
Ibanez RGT series, neck thru design for better access on upper frets. Made in Korea
Ibanez RG7321, a 7-string guitar which is made affordable for 7-string lowers. Made in Indonesia

Ibanez Signature Series (New Guitars)

New Ibanez Signature series for sale
The world's most greatest guitarist, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.
The Ibanez JEM series and JS series

Dead Eye Guitars, Malaysia Online Guitar Store

DeadEye Guitars
Where Musicians Get Their Gears

DeadEye Guitars online Guitar Store has been setup since early 2007. Supplying musical instruments (electric guitar, acoustic, bass, amps, keyboards, drum, etc...) to fellow MALAYSIAN MUSICIANS for MORE THAN 10 YEARS!!!! For fellow musicians who have been with us since the early days, you remember the good old COD at the condominium 

Hail fellow musicians. DeadEyeGuitars.Blogspot.com is a Malaysian Online Musical Sales Blog, where local musicians can purchase their musical instruments such as Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Amplifiers and MORE.

Why purchase from DeadEye? Well, we offer goods which are genuine and gurrantee satisfaction. Not to mention, better prices are offered as well!

Oh, not to miss out, we accept CASH and CREDIT CARD!!

Found a cheaper price of a same product? Just let us know, and we will do the trick and make sure you're way satisfied!

As of 2015, prices are listed on our FACEBOOK page, blog pictures are for reference
Do add our facebook page!

Purchasing Method:
- All products are pre-order units
- A certain amount of deposit is required to order the product, eg: RM100, RM200.. (depending item's value)
- Deposit can be done via Bank Transfer to my account
- Bank transfer ensure safety between you and me, to avoid any misunderstanding

- Deposits are valid for 3 weeks from deposited date, unless top up to extend duration
- Goods usually arrive (example given) every Friday of the week, or one week after deposit 
- If deposit before Wednesday of the week, products will arrive in the week's Friday
- Please note that delay may occur sometimes due to delivery from the suppliers
- Delay may occur during transporting process, so do state if products are needed urgently to avoid misunderstanding issues.
- Balance are paid when collecting the product (For CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) transactions).

- You may test and confirm everything is satisfactory before paying the balance
- For more enquiry, kindly email me. Calls, SMS, WHATSAPP and eMail are all welcome

Calls/ sms / Whatsapp: 017-3945808
email: deadeyeguitars@hotmail.com / support@deadeyeguitars.com

Pictures On DeadEye Guitars:
- All pictures taken are items bought by customers
- Products are all handle with care during photo taking

- All PRODUCTS PICTURES are taken by DeadEye Guitars Photography
- Pictures will only be used for SALES purposes solely by DeadEye Guitars

Information On Products:
- All products come with Warranty by Respective Official Company eg: Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone....

I would like to thank all, for those who had purchased from me.
Your support are much appreciated!

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