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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Bye Michael Jackson

As we all know, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead in Los Angeles hospital at the age 50, on thursday morning, 25th june, around 5am morning Malaysian time, due to cardiac arrest

Well, i haven't really appreciated him for the past 10 years maybe, but still he's one of our childhood great artist (if u guys were my age).

i watch this when i was a kid, probably when i was 5?

Good bye michael, you'll always be remembered

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dean Guitars 2009 (New Guitars)

It has been a while that dimebag and megadeth fans have been waiting for, and now Deans are back! More can get their hands on the razorbacks now :D

So what are you guys waiting for? start email or calling me today!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ESP and LTD Signature Series (New Guitars)

Metal heads out there, here's a bunch of your favourite ESP signature series
Always wanted to sound like Children of Bodom or Metallica?
These are the axes that create the sound in their respective band

Now u can get the tone of your favourite artist, and even the same feel of their guitar. Well, almost similar :p

Note: All ESP comes with ESP Hardcase. Hardcases are not available to LTD models
Stocks are pre-order unit, a certain amount of deposit is needed to order the guitar

Products of the Month JUNE 2009!

And here goes the products of June 2009

As posted, this month's special products are:

1. Ibanez Apex 1- Munky (KORN) Signature Guitar
- Mahagony body
- 5pc APEX Maple/Wenge neck
- Dimarzio PAF 7 pickups
- 7 strings

2. Ibanez JS 1200
- Joe Satriani Signature Guitar
- Basswood body
- 1pc JS neck
- Dimarzio Paf Joe(n) / Fred (b)

3. Ibanez Jemini Pedal
- Steve Vai Signature Distortion Pedal

GASsing for one now?
Email, SMS or CALL me for prices! Then place ur order now!!

Note: All products are pre order unit, a certain amount of deposit is required to order the product

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ESP LTD Production Line Guitars 2009 (New Guitars)

All guitar color finishing are available as of ESP official website (http://www.espguitars.com).

Anything enquiries regarding the guitar specs and finishing, just drop me a comment with an email attached or directly email/call me

Note: All products are PRE-ORDER.
A certain amount of deposit is required. Thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Guitar of the Day #2

My next amazing custom shop master piece

Emerald Bahamut

this guitar belongs to the Asian musician Wang Lee Hom
perhaps many girls will like this guitar due to Lee Hom :p
go get urself one of this, girls love it, haha...

the guitar is designed based on a chinese dragon. EH, look! the guitar can stand side ways by itself on the dragon's feet :D
there is also a little dragon on the headstock if you've noticed. pretty amazing, i like it!

it was only the color that lead me down. something darker would be nice instead of light chrome. but i saw the effects on stage was amazing. it reflected the colors of the spot lights. looks like Lee Hom pick the right color after all

to make it better on stage, the dragon's eyes shine red lights. Red Lights in My Eyes!

How much does this king of dragon guitar cost? as stated by Lee Hom, it is around RM95,000 after conversion. bloody hell expensive aint it?!

Other Products

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