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Monday, June 1, 2009

Guitar of the Day #2

My next amazing custom shop master piece

Emerald Bahamut

this guitar belongs to the Asian musician Wang Lee Hom
perhaps many girls will like this guitar due to Lee Hom :p
go get urself one of this, girls love it, haha...

the guitar is designed based on a chinese dragon. EH, look! the guitar can stand side ways by itself on the dragon's feet :D
there is also a little dragon on the headstock if you've noticed. pretty amazing, i like it!

it was only the color that lead me down. something darker would be nice instead of light chrome. but i saw the effects on stage was amazing. it reflected the colors of the spot lights. looks like Lee Hom pick the right color after all

to make it better on stage, the dragon's eyes shine red lights. Red Lights in My Eyes!

How much does this king of dragon guitar cost? as stated by Lee Hom, it is around RM95,000 after conversion. bloody hell expensive aint it?!


  1. i saw this on the papers, cool guitar i can say. but why lee hom?! NOO!!

  2. for fuck's sake even paul's fireman don't cost that much. this is blasphemy!

  3. this guitar got some ah beng feel with all the dragons stuff, hahaha

  4. got to agree it will be better in other colors, silver make it robotic

  5. the dragon is cute, haha

  6. haha.. maybe well this is custom shop and only one in the world. unlike the fireman perhaps

    yeah, the color kinda mechanical and i prefer the dragon fiercer (but sad, i dont have RM95k to spend on a guitar like dat. if i do, i'll build shinigamish) :p

  7. red light in my eyes! but if it is alexi's guitar, the dragon will be V

  8. i don't get it . why are people so proud spending so much money on a guitar ?

    shouldn't it be the other way round ?
    like ..

    "i only spend RM1.5k on this fender american strat" etc etc ..

  9. well, see which kinda of ppl. those rich of coz dont mind spending more to feel proud that he is rich. haha hard to say la mou, well of coz there are all sorts of ppl :p

  10. I don't get it either, i think it'll probably sound like shit lor, the construction is not wood at the first place.

  11. i dont mind the sound, but the shape is really nice!

  12. haram, get this guitar then can sell it to buy a vios and a Jem7v sumore :p

  13. bro, how much is ibanez rg2550z?
    email chunhow_88@gmail.com

  14. if i got RM100k on guitar, i wouldn't spend on this. aint a fan of lee hom

  15. har.... sell this guitar MM open branch mou

  16. got u email for the price bro

    if lee throw this guitar to u leh? :p

    haha.. if mm open branch, sam u confirm the manager of that branch :D

  17. Ohhhhh!

    This Guitar for God!!!

    The Perfect Masterpiece.

  18. and the price itself giving it a masterpiece

  19. gosh i dun find it nice no matter how i look at it lol.. if i have the money i'll probably get a manson or gibson and some effect pedals.. xD

  20. How much is that in US dollars?

  21. i dont have this item for sale :(


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