Products of the Month JUNE 2009!

And here goes the products of June 2009

As posted, this month's special products are:

1. Ibanez Apex 1- Munky (KORN) Signature Guitar
- Mahagony body
- 5pc APEX Maple/Wenge neck
- Dimarzio PAF 7 pickups
- 7 strings

2. Ibanez JS 1200
- Joe Satriani Signature Guitar
- Basswood body
- 1pc JS neck
- Dimarzio Paf Joe(n) / Fred (b)

3. Ibanez Jemini Pedal
- Steve Vai Signature Distortion Pedal

GASsing for one now?
Email, SMS or CALL me for prices! Then place ur order now!!

Note: All products are pre order unit, a certain amount of deposit is required to order the product


  1. bro, apex1 berapa?

  2. email me the prices of all the 3 items bro
    teoh here, have sent u sms earlier

  3. i just saw ur post here bro. ur guitar is on the way :D


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