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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar

Our very own local artist, one of the best top 3 guitarist in Malaysia, Sham Kamikaze's signature guitar!

i saw this at Bentley's today, stunning. Great to see a signature guitar from our local musician. Way to go Sham!

As we all know, Sham is from the rock band Kamikaze, who is also a composer and guitar sessionist.

BOSS Pedal, the MT2 Metal Zone

BOSS had been well known for creating great effect pedals from all time.
Well, here's one of the famous pedal where most hardcore heady distortion guitar would have,
the BOSS MT2 Metal Zone!

This heavy distortion was first introduced in 1991, following the released of its previous successor, the BOSS DS1 Distortion pedal.

this pedal gives the player more 'uhhmmm' into his playing, if he's into those metal metal stuff la of cause :p
some said this pedal is a tank, which is durable in any kind of situation. but of coz, it depends on how u use it la. too heavily rough use, the pedal screws, springs all will get loose

when u find ur amp lack of that kinda uhmmm, its probably time to test out the BOSS MT2 Metal Zone :D

and oh ya, today ROLAND CORP got some event at KLCC, so musicians out there, go check it out! you might be lucky enough to get the lucky draw prize :D

sound samples are available at Roland official website:
MT-2 Metal Zone sound samples

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ibanez Mick Thomson MTM1 and MTM2 (New Guitars)

Hail Slipknot fans!
the Ibanez Mick Thomson signature series have finally arrive

Ibanez MTM1 Black

Ibanez MTM1 Blood Red

MTM1 Specifications:
- 5pc Wizard II Maple/Walnut neck-thru
- Mahogany wing body
- Jumbo frets
- Fixed Lo-Pro Edge bridge
- Seymour Duncan® Blackout (H) neck pu
- Seymour Duncan® Blackout (H) bridge pu
- Special SEVEN inlays

Ibanez MTM2

MTM2 Specifications:
- 5pc Wizard II Maple/Walnut neck
- Mahogany body
- Jumbo frets
- Fixed Edge III bridge
- V7 (H) neck pu
- V8 (H) bridge pu

The 5 pc maple/walnut neck and mahagony body gives a full, fat tone and endless sustain. Along with its fixed bridge simplicity, you dont have to get stressed up to tune or replace strings.
Equipped with Seymour Duncan Blackouts for the MTM1, no nonsense heavy sounding active pickup

Fixed Lo-Pro Edge and Seymour Duncan Blackouts Active Pickups

Neck Thru Body Construction

The MTM2 is equipped with V7/V8 pickups, like the perstige eh? with 5 pc maple/walnut neck, mahagony body, and price half of the RG1570 prestige, this is seriously a good buy :D

Fixed Edge III bridge and V7/V8 pickups

All Access Neck Joint with painted neck

Mick Thomson with his signature MTM. Check out the sound of this guitar

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This time, Squier Bass!

it has been awhile since i last posted something on the blog, sorry for that guys!
been pretty busy in awhile

let's make things a little different, BASS!
ya, i've been posting mainly bout guitars on the previous post. so now here's a bass that i have sold, on favourable fretless bass among bassist :D

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass® Fretless

Body - Agathis
Neck - 3pc Maple C shape
Fingerboard - Fretless Ebanol with White fretlines
Pickups - Duncan Designed JB101 single coil Jazz Bass
Unique Features - Black bound fingerboard

I have always hear from bassist that they are looking for a decent price fretless bass. but i'm no bassist, so i wouldnt know much about bass myself. basic basic stuff of coz know la, haha..
Until one day, my bassist friend introduced me to this Fretless Bass. i was amazed with the outlook, as i always love BLACK fingerboard. somehow i dont know what EBANOL is though, EBONY's brother maybe?

Enjoy the pics bros!

Sunburst Finishing

3 piece maple neck

Stunning Black fingerboard

So bassist out there, if you're looking for a reasonable price fretless bass, you can check this bass out. lets start the groove~

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