This time, Squier Bass!

it has been awhile since i last posted something on the blog, sorry for that guys!
been pretty busy in awhile

let's make things a little different, BASS!
ya, i've been posting mainly bout guitars on the previous post. so now here's a bass that i have sold, on favourable fretless bass among bassist :D

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass® Fretless

Body - Agathis
Neck - 3pc Maple C shape
Fingerboard - Fretless Ebanol with White fretlines
Pickups - Duncan Designed JB101 single coil Jazz Bass
Unique Features - Black bound fingerboard

I have always hear from bassist that they are looking for a decent price fretless bass. but i'm no bassist, so i wouldnt know much about bass myself. basic basic stuff of coz know la, haha..
Until one day, my bassist friend introduced me to this Fretless Bass. i was amazed with the outlook, as i always love BLACK fingerboard. somehow i dont know what EBANOL is though, EBONY's brother maybe?

Enjoy the pics bros!

Sunburst Finishing

3 piece maple neck

Stunning Black fingerboard

So bassist out there, if you're looking for a reasonable price fretless bass, you can check this bass out. lets start the groove~


  1. yo bro, is that my bass? hahahahaha! i love this very much, kudos to this seller

  2. now you selling bass as well, good job dead eye

  3. haha.. i think it shud be your bass, but cant relly remember bro, sold 3 of those already :D

  4. so chances it could be mine, mwahahahha!

  5. whats up bro? cantik la bass engkau ni!

  6. lol, interested in getting one bro?

  7. hey bro it's me Mimin.feel free to submit your update on Metal Muff on my chatbox at the right side of my blog;)

    aha you can even see my thoughts on purchasing stuffs there ahahahah..

    well yea within this few weeks im gotta have PRS SE, metal muff and tremolo.but tremolo base on my budget la:) not really sure how much my budgets gona be:( but prs se and metal muff fo sho :)

  8. hey bro, thanks for the comment
    no prob man, i'll drop by ur blog!
    anything u can always sms/call me :D

  9. This squier looks good o.O
    Can you introduce me some bass as well as a beginner bassist?
    Mail me ~


  10. u got the price email bro! :D
    what's ur budget in getting an bass? perhaps i can fix u one within ur budget :D

  11. Bro email me your price thanks

  12. got u email for the price bro! :D

  13. dude email me the price..

  14. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  15. Tell me the price of this bass with a nice amp bro ~
    And tell me what comes with this bass please ~ Budget around RM1k...

  16. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  17. can i know, this bass is made from where?

  18. this one is made in indonesia :D


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