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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ibanez RG350MZ Yellow with Edge Zero II

Ibanez RG 2011 series, which now replaced by the Edge Zero II bridge to strengthen the guitar's tuning stability and tremolo comfort! Our favourite Old-School Rock guitar, the RG350MZ in Yellow is now powered with Ibanez Edge Zero II!

Ibanez RG350MZ Yellow

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on (AANJ)
Body: Basswood
Neck: 3pc Wizard III Maple Neck
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlays: Dot
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: Ibanez INF 4
Middle Pickup: Ibanez INFS 3
Neck Pickup: Ibanez INF 3
Bridge: Ibanez Edge Zero II w/ ZPS3Fe
Finishing: Yellow

RG shape never fail us guitarist!
Sharper horn edges for the looks, and slim neck for the speed!
2 knobs configuration with a 5 way switch blade

The all new Ibanez EDGE ZERO II bridge! Designed based on the infamous Ibanez EDGE ZERO on the PRESTIGE Line, now the standard models come with something as close!
Smooth tremolo usage, while keeping the guitar to stay in tune all the time! Even if a strings snap, the guitar still stays in tune! Sound like a fixed bridge eh?

Zero Point System! Only from the Ibanez!

The Ibanez ZPS3 that holds the bridge to make it a tremolo/fixed bridge hybrid system! Simply remove the the extra stop bar to get a Full Floating Trem operation!

Standard Ibanez stock pickups, suitable for both lead and rhythm playing with it's great harmonics and warm sounding!

Catchy yellow finishing with Maple fretboard!

Ibanez traditional style headstock, with Matching Body finishing! That's added points to a RG!

Maple fretboard for more attacking tones! This is the guitar, for maple fretboard lover especially on an RG! Maple Shredding Machine!

Deeper lower horn cutaway, giving easier access to the upper frets
Great for lead guitarist who love doing crazy solos all the way to the 24 fret!

Natural Maple neck finishing, for playing comfort and speed purpose, for players who are used to non-finished neck!

Ibanez All-Access-Neck-Joint bolt-on construction, another innovation by Ibanez to give player extra comfort in their playing, especially to play on high frets!

The guitar for old-school rockers, who love the RG shape, and who are Maple Fretboard lovers! Now equipped with the Edge Zero II bridge, tuning stability is no longer a question!

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is, LOUDNESS Live In Malaysia!!!

Rocking KL Live on the 24th July 2011!! Heavy Metal band hail from Japan, LOUDNESS performing for the very first time in Malaysia!

This is.... LOUDNESS!!

Vocalist Minoru Niihara!

Founder and Lead Guitarist, Akira Takasaki!

Bassist Masayoshi Yamashita!

new to the band, Drummer Masayuki Suzuki!

and the CROWDS!!

Featuring Amy Search, performing live together with LOUDNESS!

and for the guitar fans, the Akira signature Killer guitar, Killer Prime Signature 2005 version in Hickory Brown!! I'm obsessed with Killer Guitars now!!

our HERO doing some crazy licks for the fans, Shred Master!!


Great show from LOUDNESS, and it is really LOUD!!
For those who were there, I'm sure you all enjoy the show very much!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jackson Phil Demmel Signature King V (Demmelition V)

Lead guitarist of Machine Head, Phil Demmel teams up with Jackson Guitars to create his signature V, an all new design to the King V dynasty with it's more aggresive edges!

Jackson Phil Demmel Signature King V (Demmelition V)

Construction: 25.5" Neck-thru
Body: Alder
Neck: Quartersawn Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: MOTO Sharkfin Position
Bridge Pickup: EMG 81
Neck Pickup: EMG 60
Bridge: Floyd Rose FRT-2000
Finishing: Black with Silver Bevels
Included: Deluxe Jackson Molded Hardcase

The King V guitar that every metal player wished to own! Aggressive in both tone and looks!

The Demmelition V guitar comes equipped with the Floyd Rose FRT-2000 double locking bridge, which holds the guitar in tune, and allowing players to have fun with the tremolo!

2 knobs configuration, unlike common style, Phil Demmel has it both as volume knobs! One controls the Bridge Pickup, while the other for the Neck!
3 way switch blade for quick pickup switching!

You need more gain? Powered with EMG 81 and 60 combo, to suit the aggressive tone that Phil Demmel needs! Great for both riff and lead playing!

Not a common King V shape, with additional cutouts and comes down tuned to B tuning for heavy playing!

Regular Jackson headstock, with Jackson trademark imprinted!

Truss rod with Phil Demmel signature imprinted!

Ebony fretboard for the black beauty look, and a more attacking tone compare to the Rosewood! Sharkfin position inlays enhances the look of the guitar! (Though Phil Demmel's original Demmelition has the Aeries inlay on the 12th fret only)

One piece?
Full painted neck for comfortable playing!

Neck-thru construction, the main factor is to allow easier access to the upper frets! Try it to believe it! All the way up to the 24 fret with no trouble at all!
Provides greater sustain and keeping the guitar to stay in tune longer!

Silver bevels on the back of the body, to keep it's sexy back too!

The Jackson Phil Demmel signature comes with it's own hardcase, the Deluxe Molded V hardcase (same goes to other Jackson PRO series V guitars) by SKB Hardcase

The main difference with the SKB Deluxe V hardcase is, it has the Jackson trademark imprinted on the hardshell!

The only hardcase for the guitar, and yes! It fits the guitar perfectly!

Not just for the fans of Machine Head, the guitar is a dream guitar for most Metal Players! The specs, the tone, the look, everything that will keep you stand out on stage!

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