DiMarzio Air Norton Black/Cream Zebra

One of the most popular neck pickup, DiMarzio Air Norton, to pair up with other DiMarzio bridge pickups!

DiMarzio Air Norton Black/Cream Zebra

Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5
Output: 270
Treble: 5
Mid: 7
Bass: 6.5

Having a deep and warm tone, with cool harmonics
Suitable for guitar solos over the neck pickup, with it's hot tone!

The variation finishing, Black/Cream Zebra is an optional color for guitarist to spice up their guitar outlook.

Made in USA pickups, with enough power to pair up with most high power bridge pickups such as the DiMarzio Evolution (Steve Vai Signature) , DiMarzio Super Distortion and DiMarzio D Activator bridge pickups.

One of the favourite choice for neck pickups.
For those who like a clean and less distorted sound on the neck with high mids, this is a recommended pickup!


  1. different color, price beza tak bro?

  2. ijau: duncan duncan!

    anonymous: depends bro, if color black/cream/white then harga is the same :D

  3. hey man, how much are you selling this for?



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