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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ibanez RG350MZ Red 2011 Limited Edition

One of the highest demand RG, comes in special finishing for the Ibanez 2011 Limited Edition models, the Ibanez RG350MZ Red! The RG with Maple fretboard! Full specs from Ibanez 2011 Limited edition page http://www.ibanez.co.jp/asia/news/f_products/2011/limited01/RG350MZ-RD.html

Ibanez RG350MZ Red

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on (AANJ)
Body: Basswood
Neck: 3pc Wizard III Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlays: Dot
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: INF4
Middle Pickup: INFS3
Neck Pickup: INF3
Bridge: Edge Zero II w/ ZPS3Fe
Finishing: Red 

Superstrat body with sharper horns, that's the difference of the RG compare others! The RG350MZ has the maple fretboard, giving more attack to the tone!
Equipped with the infamous Ibanez Edge Zero II bridge, which allow easier tuning and stable throughout the usage. Maintaining the tuning even if a string breaks! (unlike normal floating bridge)

Regular RG configuration, 1 volume and 1 tone, with 5 way switch

The Ibanez INF pickups, where the INF4 gives a warm sounding with good harmonics and the INF3 provides dynamic sound for chording

Limited edition for the 2011, you dont get to see many of this around. You'll be one of the rare players with this RG!

25.5" scale length guitar

Regular Ibanez RG headstock, witch matching finishing! This is yummy!

Maple fretboard which gives a different tone to the guitar unlike regulard RG, with black dotted inlays as markers

Ibanez non painted Wizard III neck, great neck for fast playing!

The ZPS3 system at the back allow easier spring adjustment without needing a tool! And for full tremolo performance, simply remove the the stop bar!

The RG never fail the guitarist, and it's more of a must to have in most player's collection. For maple fretboard lovers, the RG350mz Red will be nice to be part of the collection


  1. Hey, can you pm me the price for this guitar to my email? :D
    - Nickseah13@hotmail.com

  2. inform me if u can bring in the one with *RGM (roadster green metallic) finish

    *only available in US market, damn~

  3. PM the price plus. is it the same price with the other color? (Yellow)?
    and same question like Ijau D.Koceng, do u happen to have the green one?


  4. nick: straight email me la bro! :D

    ijau: confirm will inform u, hahaha!

    faridz: green one not available bro, like Ijau said, only in the US. unless lucky lucky come out winter limited edition :D

  5. how much...zamri.badry@gmail.com

  6. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  7. How much is this? jeremy_jwwt@hotmail.com

  8. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  9. A Cheap version of RG550 MXX-RFR

  10. yeap, affordable version with good playability for the price! and yet u get the look :D

  11. how much? deadrosesforjuliet@gmail.com

  12. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  13. email me the price.. tq.. concerto_777@yahoo.com

  14. Sorry, red is a limited edition model, all sold out already :D
    Available in yellow and black

  15. how much for yellow one

  16. Got u emailed for the yellow one bro :D

  17. which is better?rg2xxv or this one?pm me this price..meaow9@yahoo.com

  18. both are same level guitar bro, just the wood are different, depending wut tone u are seeking :D

  19. the red one really sold out?!damn.i really need this sexy baby

  20. yeap, it's a limited edition :D

  21. Dude meron kang RG350dx? Magkano yun sayo? Or kung wala, magkano sayo yung RG470ah? Pa pm nalang ng price dude.. delosreyesneiljohn@yahoo.com... Salamat :D

  22. Price pls bastiodon@live.com

  23. this model sold out?

  24. Yeap, sold out and discontinued already. Available only in Yellow finishing now :D

  25. Do you import guitars from Japan? I am interested in the Ibanez RG350QMZ

  26. pm the price...shahrashid@yahoo.com

  27. hai,
    would really really love to have this color :(
    btw how much the yellow one cost ?
    email me at azhim_kadok@yahoo.com
    cheers !

  28. gitanya buatan mana bro?? include hardcase manual book dll??

  29. Hi guitar ini limited edition dah discontinued :D

  30. Can I know the price of this and 350dxz?

  31. Is this guitar still available? If so how much? and would you ship to USA?

  32. Is this guitar still available? If so how much? and would you ship to USA?


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