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Friday, July 30, 2010

Herman Li: Ibanez Workshop in Singapore 2010

Through out the past weekend, fans have been waiting eagerly for the day to come.
From Hong Kong, to Malaysia covering the north Penang, to Kuala Lumpur, then to Johor and finally last stop at Singapore, Herman Li, the Ibanez endorser having his Ibanez Guitar workshop.

Here are pictures from the event held by Swee Lee Singapore, enjoy the pictures everyone!

The Ibanez EGEN18 and EGEN8 signature guitars!

A closer look of the Ibanez EGEN18, isnt it sexy? :p

And here comes the man, Herman Li signing his own signature line

And signing for a fan's guitar as well.

Ready to shred anyone? Through the fire and flames!!

Here's Herman Li and the Ibanez Artist Relation Manager, Mr Mitch

The event was held at the Swee Lee Cafe, Singapore
You can have a drink, meals while lookin at guitars

It's soundcheck time!
Herman's really into the soundcheck, that he wanted to get here early to make sure everything is right

Ahem ahem.. Herman's very own Ibanez EGEN18!!

After a loooooongg Question and Answer session, here comes the shred show!
This is what i've been waiting for all night!

The usual guitar trick, with game sound effects :p

Herman Li's signature pick! Unlike the production unit, this one has shining words

I hope you guys like this, a picture of Herman Li's EGEN18!
The one he uses on every single show he had!
Slightly different from the production unit, the guitar comes in gloss finishing while the production ones are matte

Oh well, the guitar is 'wounded' from all the tricks he has on stage.

Stay tune for Ibanez EGEN sales post.... :p


  1. EGEN18 = RM10k+ = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  2. damn i missed it!

  3. I want that guitar!! huhuhu..

  4. IMO the Egen 18 price is excessive.

  5. anonymous: dont worry still next time :D

    anonymous: they are available for sale bro :p

    subversion: it's like a Jem7v :D were u there during the workshop?


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