Marshall MG101CFX

Great for home practice and jamming, also suitable for moderate size gigs, the 100 watts MARSHALL MG series amp packs the crunch and gain which a player needs

Marshall MG101CFX

- 100 watts
- 12" Speaker
- Solid State amplifier
- Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibe and 4x Delay effects
- Gain and 3 EQ Bass, Mid, Treble controls
- Programmable channels
- 4 modes: Clean, Crunch, Distortion and MORE Distortion

Comes with built-in effects for guitarists to play with. Programmable settings, with 4 individual modes

12" Speaker, loud enough even for moderate size performance. Great for home practice with the solid tone

The controls

Exterior in Carbon Fibre design


  1. 100w for home practice? hehehe...

  2. it's getting more and more common nowadays, check my recent facebook picture :D

  3. pm price bro


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