Electro Harmonix Metal Muff series! (EHX Metal Muff)

Electro Harmonix Metal Muff Family!
Metal Muff with Top Boost, Micro Metal Muff and Pocket Metal Muff

- High Gain
- Ultimate METAL Pedal
- Durable
- Available in all sizes and prices

EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost, the big brother in the family!

EHX Micro Metal Muff, for the intermediate range!

EHX Pocket Metal Muff, the compact little guy that packs a punch!

When you need more than just DISTORTION in your rig, think METAL MUFF, and the variety of range that suits you!


  1. i wanna sing alice cooper song - poison

  2. hehe.. but first choice is the best choice :p

  3. This or Blackstar HT-Metal??

  4. it's a preference thing, depends on the player to like which more :D

  5. Please e-mail me the total price of metal muff wit top boost to ship to Sarawak. abong_97@yahoo.com.my :-D

  6. u got the price emailed bro! :D


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