EVH Wolfgang Special Vintage White

Eddie Van Halen, lead guitarist and co-founder of the hard rock band Van Halen, well known for his guitar playing techniques and tremolo usage. This is the EVH Wolfgang Special, similar specifications to the original EVH Wolfgang used by Eddie, with more than half the price of the USA made!

EVH Wolfgang Special Vintage White

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Basswood
Neck: Quatersawn Maple
Freboard: AA Birdseye Maple
Fret: 22 Vintage Style Frets
Inlays: Black Dot
Bridge Pickup: Custom Designed EVH Bridge
Neck Pickup: Custom Designed EVH Neck
Bridge: EVH Floyd Rose with EVH D-Tuna
Strings: EVH 9-46 Strings
Accessories: SKB Case with Molded Stripes

Unlike the USA made Wolfgang, the Special series comes in flat-top version with single ply body binding, as shown black body binding on the Vintage White finishing.

Equipped with the EVH branded Floyd Rose system with the EVH D-Tuna, unique feature designed by the Eddie himself! Just a single pull, will change the guitar's tuning to Drop-D if tuned in Standard E.

The High Friction Volume Pot (500k) and Dual Bourns Low Tone Pot (250k)
Fast turning knob, the famous EVH pots that allow very smooth turning both for the Volume and Tone knobs!

EVH Custom Designed Humbucking pickups, which produces the tone exactly to what Eddie is using on stage and recordings! For Van Halen fans, this will definitely help on the sound when jamming along Van Halen tracks!

The one and only Wolfgang design

25.5" scale length with basswood body, to get a all balance tone

Wolfgang style headstock, with the model name imprinted

AA Birdseye Maple fretboard, which is a very rare fretboard nowadays!
For fans of maple fretboard, this one is eye catching!
12"-16" Compound Radius on the fretboard

Quatersawn maple neck, with polyurethane finish

EVH machine head with pearl tuners

Wolfgang'a bolt-on construction, with slight carved for easy playability on accessing upper frets!

To add on the excitement in the guitar, it comes with SKB Case with Molded Stripes resembling the very popular Frankenstrat!

Red inner materials, giving a catchy look when opening the case
Exact fitting, keeping the guitar safe at all conditions!

Case compartment where player can keep their accessories: straps, picks, cables, extra strings, etc...

Designed specially for Eddie's fans, with more than half the price of the USA Wolfgang series, the Wolfgang Special is simply an amazing guitar! For those who love Van Halen's playing style and tone, this is the right guitar to be in hand!

Official Specification Page including other finishes:


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