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Friday, October 14, 2011

BOSS PS-6 Harmonist

Welcome the BOSS Harmonist, the pedal with 4 intelligent pitch-shift effects and three voice harmony!

BOSS PS-6 Harmonist

4 effect modes in one stompbox, Harmony, Pitch Shifter, Detune and Super Bend!

Worry not on it's durability, the BOSS stompboxes are built for the tough!

Player can control the pitch by adding the optional Expression Pedal (BOSS FV-500L)

Manipulate a wide variety of effects with simple operations. Dont worry, you wont go wrong with it!

If you're on the hunt for a pitch-shifting pedal, the PS-6 will always be recommended!
After-all, BOSS compact pedals are famous for the great sound and durability!


  1. ur kawan ada :D

    thanks, and i'm back home! :D

  2. yup, i know... but still a pricey one

  3. that fellar ask me to promote on this pedal :p

  4. now got 3 guitarist already...
    so "harmony" liao~ :) hehehe


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