Departure of Jeff Loomis and Van Williams from Nevermore...

Sad news for most metal fans when Jeff Loomis, lead guitarist of Nevermore and Van Williams, drummer, are leaving Nevermore...

Jeff Loomis, the 7 strings shredder

Van Williams, the drummer

Both leaving Nevermore citing personal and musical differences with vocalist Warrel Dane. Both, the main power of Nevermore with Jeff Loomis insane solo works and Van Williams drumming technique, now taken off from the band...

Hope to you in your new project Jeff Loomis!


  1. then loomis sig schecter's price suddenly drop... cool

  2. that's what we all are waiting for too! :p

  3. They canceled the tour in Malaysia because of this.. damn

  4. i've always wanted to watch Jeff Loomis live... :(


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