Ibanez RGA32 White

Another archtop RG into the line, stand more affordable and yet in a more different finishing than plain black, this is the Ibanez RGA32 White!

Ibanez RGA32 White

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on (All Access Neck Joint)
Body: Mahogany
Neck: 3pc Wizard II Maple Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot
Frets: 24 Jumbo Frets
Bridge Pickup: LZ3-B Bridge
Neck Pickup: LZ3-N Neck
Bridge: Gibraltar Standard

Something unique than regular flat top RG
And adding more into the points, it comes in White!

Like other Ibanez RG guitars, the RGA32 comes with simple configuration: 1 Volume Knob and 1 Tone Knob with 3 way switch blade

For tuning stability, it comes with the Gibraltar Standard bridge with the Ibanez name imprinted on it! Also, the bridge is designed to make good transfer of the string vibrations to the body! Incredible smooth for maximum playing comfort!

Similar to other RGA series, it is powered by 2 Ibanez own active pickups, the LZ3 pickups!
High output with fat sound and well balanced to create a clean tone!

25.5" scale length, for those who love the fret spacing!

Another unique feature of this guitar is that it's Mahogany body!
Unlike other Ibanez RG series which are mostly Basswood body. Something for those who love the mahogany tone

Regular Ibanez headstock with the logo imprinted!

Easy to adjust truss rod with the Ibanez new designed truss rod cover!
Just slide it aside, and you can adjust the truss rod from within!

Rosewood fingerboard to create a warm tone with the maple neck at the back and mahogany body

The Ibanez Wizard II Maple neck, well known for it fast playability designed! Flat thin neck, for maximum shredding purposes

Ibanez All-Access-Neck-Joint (AANJ) Bolt-on construction!
Giving an easier access to the upper frets with this design

The Ibanez LZ3 pickups are powered with AA batteries, which are easier to be replaced as most active pickups are using 9v batteries

If regular RG does not amaze you, but still the fast neck is an option, the RGA32 can be taken into consideration (not to mention it's WHITE!)


  1. more alluring if comes with matching headstock (like RG350DX), sharktooth inlays and black binding :)

  2. but price wont be alluring already if those specs come in :(
    this one if ur 'standard' price, can add one boss me2 pedal sumore :p

  3. can i have the price sir?

  4. bro pm me best price bro ahaha
    at valkyrie1232@yahoo.com

  5. ijau: i tink my poison wont work for some time period on u :(

    anonymous: u got the price emailed bro! :D

    teko: ahh.. sure or not? emailed u la! :p

  6. don't worry, by the end of this year... i'm gonna get atleast 1 axe from u, how's that?

  7. iaju: haha.. u post like dat, later ur members all see, u duduk tak senyap already :D

    sazaly: price very nice, below RM1.5k sumore :p

  8. send me price at nerodarkslayer@yahoo.com

  9. ijau: haha.. so far no one kacau u?

    sazaly: white is always nice! :p

    anonymouus: u got the price emailed bro! :D

  10. nope, they all know i have bigger project this year, so kacau pun tak guna :D

  11. price for ibanez js2400 (noebi85@yahoo.com)

  12. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  13. price pliz..amirafiq7051@gmail.com

  14. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  15. can you give the price for this guitar at (faizulmohd92@gmail.com)

  16. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  17. will need your email to get back to u on the price bro :D

  18. potmmirananightshade@gmail.com

    please pm me the black one too..

    i am wondering why the black one is floyd rose but this one is not,

    may i know the details for the pickup too?

    price for both.. i am getting this..

  19. got u emailed for the prices bro! :D

  20. What would you recommend; the white finish VS the MOL finish?

  21. they are actually the same, it depends which appearance you like better :D for me, i prefer white :D

  22. arkadeep.basu@gmail.com
    Please share the landed / best price
    I am rom Kolkata


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