Ibanez JEM 77 FP2 (Floral Pattern 2)

Once again, Ibanez released a new design JEM series, Steve Vai signature guitar!
Unlike the usual JEM 7V in white, or the JEM 77V in black, this one comes in unique floral pattern, the JEM 77 FP2!

Ibanez JEM 77 FP2 (Floral Pattern 2)

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Basswood
Neck: 5pc JEM Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard: Rosewood (Scalloped at 21-24 frets)
Frets: W/6105 frets (24 frets)
Inlays: Floral Pattern Tree of Life
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Evo2
Middle Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution
Bridge: Ibanez EDGE
Finishing: Floral Pattern 2

The JEM 77 FP2 comes equipped with the DiMarzio EVO2 bridge pickup which is a little more complex than the usual DiMarzio Evolution Bridge pickup. Slightly less power then the EVO but having more dynamics and balance perfectly with the DiMarzio Evolution Neck pickup!

Scalloped fingerboard on the 21-24th fret! Allowing easier bend on the upper frets

Tree of Life inlay has been a significant inlay for the JEM series
To match the guitar, the Tree Of Life inlay having an almost similar color to the Floral Pattern body!

The Ibanez JEM 77 FP2 is one great collector's item! For those who like something unusual, this is a guitar to go for!

Note: The guitar is priced above RM12000


  1. wah this one is sexy!! but the price is crazy! hahaha..

  2. haha yeah, even surpass the Jem 77v price tag! :D

  3. can email me the exact price bro? chrischai72@gmail.com

  4. bro pls email me the price night_warrior96@hotmail.com :DD

  5. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  6. price mail me zami367@hotmail.com


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