Ibanez EGEN8 Platinum Blonde: Herman Li Signature

Dragonforce fans out there, it's time for you to unleashed your techniques with your hero's signature guitar, Herman Li's Ibanez EGEN8 which is produced for an affordable market!

Ibanez EGEN8 Platinum Blonde

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on All Access Neck Joint (AANJ)
Body: Mahogany
Top: Flamed Maple
Neck: 3 pc Wizard II Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: Ibanez V8
Middle Pickup: Ibanez S1
Neck Pickup: Ibanez V7
Bridge: Edge III Herman Li Special
Hardware: Gold
Additional Feature: Push/Pull Volume Knob for Single Coil Sounding
Items Included: Ibanez Custom EGEN8 Hardcase

Designed based on the infamous Ibanez S series (Saber series), slim body and light weighted mahogany body, which still gives you the tone!

The EGEN8 comes in the Platinum Blonde finishing, which is extremely sexy!
Additional with the flamed maple top and gold hardware, giving a full 10/10 outlook points!

One Tone Knob, and One Volume Know
Volume Knob is a Push/Pull knob where u can adjust to either a full humbucker configuration or a single coil style!

Ibanez EDGE III bridge in gold!

The guitar comes equipped with the Ibanez V series pickups, which is good for rythm and lead.
Tight and bridge, with good harmonics (Often used in Ibanez Prestige series)

Herman Li Tiger Grip! Modeled from Herman's actual right hand

Full view of the EGEN8

Ibanez traditional headstock with the Ibanez Logo

Rosewood fretboard which gives a warm tone, with special pearloid Oval Inlays

Wood finishing on the back and the neck, for fast shredding purposes!

Limited units come with actual Herman Li signature during Herman Li's workshop in Asia 2010!
Collector items for the fans :p

Ibanez famous AANJ All Access Neck Joint construction, for easier access on the upper frets!

EGEN series unique scooped cutaway on the back of the body, for even more easier access on the upper frets in every angles!

The guitar comes with a custom build hardcase, specially designed to fit the Ibanez EGEN series

The guitar fits exactly inside, without fear of moving and shaking.

If you dislike heavy weight guitars, but still wanting a good tone out of it, the EGEN8 will be a perfect choice!

And as for Herman Li fans, of cause this is something good to add into COLLECTIONS


  1. Can you ship this to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?

  2. skipped! >:)

    tiger grip? monkey grip? kungfu grip?
    which one was the real name?

  3. wah, so nice. Can get that below RM2.5k?

  4. please email me the price!

  5. sazaly: sure of coz! :D

    ijau: aiya, no poison :( confirm not monkey grip! the last time i read in some magazines is called tiger grip, so i duno man haha..

    anonymous: sorry bro, it's above RM2.5k :D

    anobymous: u got the price emailed bro!

  6. hey bro, do drop ur email here or kindly email me, so i can get back to u on the price! :D

  7. harimauvortex@yahoo.com

  8. Hey can you email me the price :D


  9. got u guys emailed for the price! :D

  10. can u email me the price and is there a meet up and trade for it in singapore


  11. how much is this one bro juxtapose_urmom@hotmail.com

  12. email me the price. for this one. cricket_farhan@yahoo.com

  13. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  14. Can u email price to me.....i dont want the signature one......can u ship i to kuching sarawak..watrockers@gmail.com

  15. U got the price emailed bro!
    The sign ones are all sold out long ago, so don't worry bout it :D

  16. how much bro?

    Ibanez S570B White
    Ibanez EGEN8 Platinum Blonde: Herman Li Signature


  17. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  18. bro can u PMME the price for this Ibanez EGEN8 Blonde :) TQ

  19. Bro the last 4 frets, is it scalloped? this one made in where ya? Tq


  20. nope, this one is the Indonesia model

  21. wow...pls..pls email me price alexwmn5701@yahoo.com

  22. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  23. sir please email me the price
    of egen8 japan model
    yuki_hee@ymail.com thanks

  24. kindly note, only PRESTIGE models are made in Japan :D

  25. mikeechoco@gmail.com


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