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Saturday, June 5, 2010

DiMarzio Pickups for Electric Guitars

DiMarzio Musical Instrument Pickups is well known for manufacturing guitar pickups, and many great guitarist in the world are using them!

Artists such as Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Chris Broderick, Michael Romeo and many more uses various types of DiMarzio pickups

DiMarzio Pickups are now available at DeadEye Guitars!

Made in USA pickups

For the 7 strings guitar players, the DiMarzio D-Activator 7!
Available 7 strings model are such as:
- Air Norton 7
- Blaze
- Crunch Lab 7
- D Activator 7
- D Sonic 7
- Evolution 7
- X2N 7

Pickups for Telecaster

Pickups is important in getting a certain tone from the guitar, beside the wood.
Modify your guitar with desired pickups to get the sound that u want!


  1. caya la bro, pickups pun ada
    dimarzio evo ada bro?

  2. how much for d activator 7 both bridge and neck? thanks davidlee78@yahoo.com

  3. different background this time... no more "woody" tiled floors hehehe, cool~

    pickups? how about 4WD pickup trucks hahaha!
    someday dude, someday...

  4. anonymous: ada bro, bole drop email u so i bole roger u the pricing :D

    anonymous2: u got the price emailed bro!

    ijau: haha yeah, for a change :p pickup truck to carry stock ka? haha

  5. wah gilerrr ahhh..!! Deadeye Guitars makin lama makin power! Siap ada Dimarzio pickups.FTW beb!

  6. halo bro..emel price all pickup dimarzio 6 strings..

  7. hey bro, they are roughly RM300 and above, depending on the model u are getting :D

  8. bro pm me the dimazio bridge the tone zone dp155


    and pickup nie sesuai x utk havymetal...

    thanx bro :)

  9. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  10. bro, pickup mne yg ngam dgn basswood ye?

  11. wut kinda sound ur seeking bro? :D

  12. padli_taichou92@yahoo.com..give the price here bro...

  13. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  14. Do you have Dimarzio Virtual vintage 54 pro, Area 61 And At-1 ?. Please email me at calvinwong.1990@gmail.com with the pricing.

  15. bro..email price PAF 7...and nak tanya...
    seymour duncan similar sound mcm PAF ade ke bro dalam dunia ni..hihihi...

  16. sorry..lupe bg email...rawkeryoo@gmail.com...hihi


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