Deja Voodoo Spells New Album - BITE

Malaysia's Rock Band, Deja Voodoo Spells with their new album, BITE!

With 10 tracks, including a cover version of the infamous Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, and in a unique "Voodoo" style!
Not to forget Rithan's amazing guitar techniques in the album

Grab your BITE today!!


  1. rithan's one of the best guitarist in malaysia!

  2. Wah . CD also selling ah now ?

    Ada iron maiden limited edition tak

  3. ijau: yeah, ibanez endorsers

    ahmad: haha.. which is ur best track?

    anonymous: haha one of the best shredder too :p

    gapnap: iron maiden takde bro. nola, this one just post only. not for sale here

  4. where can i get the cd?

  5. u hav to order it from them. Maybank transfer.

  6. anonymous: if u wan, u can place the order here too actually :D

    Ischet: yeah, and also from some other sources too! :D

  7. Good, shall i order one from you then :D

  8. no prob man, just let me know when u need one! :D


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