Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10

The 2 SPEAKERS home practice amp, which gives super wide stereo. Comes with 12 stereo effects and 6 amp sounds from clean to distortion

Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10

- 2 x 5w speaker
- Super Wide Stereo
- 10 watts combo
- USB connection pro-recording
- EQ with patented ISF
- 12 stereo effects
- Store 6 sounds

One ISF knob to switch from British to American tone. 6 sound settings from clean to distortion, depending on your mood

12 effects, including 3 delays, 3 reverb and 3 modulation 

Jam along with your favourite mp3, and hook up with your headphone during late night practice without disturbing anyone at home

Compact size, wont take up much space in the room, yet giving you superb sound


  1. i heard the price was within affordable range too

  2. may i know the price?

  3. yes of course, price email on the way! :D

  4. Pm price bro

  5. Pm price please


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