Gibson Les Paul Standard Ebony USA

Gibson USA is well known by most guitarist around for their high quality guitars.
And their most famous production line, the Gibson Les Paul series!

Gibson Les Paul Standard Ebony

Construction: 24.75" Set-neck
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22
Inlays: Figured Acrylic Trapezoid
Body Binding: Antique Cream
Neck Binding: Antique Cream
Tailpiece: Tone Pros Locking Stop Bar
Bridge: Tone Pros Locking Tune-O-Matic Style
Tuners: Locking Grover Keystone
Bridge Pickup: Burstbucker Pro
Neck Pickup: Burstbucker Pro
Control Knobs: Amber Top Hats
Truss Rod Cover: Bell Shaped Cover Stamped 'Standard'
Special Features: Quick Connect Control Pocket Assembly, Locking Neutrik Input Jack
Items Inlcuded: Gibson Hardshell white Interior, Black Exterior

Featuring the famous Les Paul Standard Ebony finishing, with cream pickguard
The 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard production features a long neck tenon and asymmetrical neck profile for a more comfortable neck.
The mahogany body is chambered, giving a 'weight relief', perfect tone and more acoustic sounding compare to the previous Gibson Les Paul series

The Gibson Burstbucker Pro Pickups
The Burstbucker Pro Bridge has slightly higher output compare to the the original PAF, where as the Burstbucker Pro neck slightly less output.
This allows the neck pickup to have a great tone, cutting thru and gives the 'in your face' sound!

Comes with the Gibson Hardshell, with white interior design and black exterior. What a nice combination color, giving the hardshell a more prestige look!

Having the Gibson logo inlay, and silkscreen Les Paul Model on the headstock.
The Bell shaped truss rod cover with the Standard stamped is significant in the Gibson Les Paul Standard series
Locking Grover tuners with an improved ratio 18:1 is used as the machine heads

The antique cream neck binding enhances the look of the guitar, along with the Figured Acrylic Trapezoid inlays. Isnt it such a beauty?
The frets are leveled by Plek machine, which is a CNC machine to level and shape fretboards.

Something awesome aint it? For musicians who are serious into music, or collectors, maybe Gibson Les Pauls are the choice for u! :D

Note: The guitar beyond RM8000, along with the Gibson Hardshell, certificate and other accessories. (To prevent spam for 'Bro, RM1k i take on the spot! :p)


  1. nice one bro! this is something beyond my budget :(

  2. fuhh.. moving into top tier stuff d..

  3. which lucky dude bought this guitar bro?!

  4. i don't want to skip my wedding ceremony because of this >:)

  5. David Lee: haha.. one will it will bro :D

    vertigo: yeah, any chance of getting this one? :p

    anonymous: he's very into les paul guitars, so he got himself this one :D

    ijau: maybe ur wife can giv u as a wedding gift :p

  6. that's a good idea, maybe she will, but definately not a gibson!

  7. haha.. i learnt that from several customers who are getting married :D

  8. lol no way lar! i didn't expect gibson to be so chunted expensive.. 8k.. wao..

  9. of coz there are cheaper gibsons, this is one of the expensive ones :D

  10. and there's also gibsun, original but cheaper than epiphone hahaha!

    yes gibsun, just like fendar

  11. i tested 'gibson' before, as in the fake ones. it doesnt felt good, and it's hard to setup to get a proper feel, and epiphone les paul standard feels better than it. but the price it's higher than of epiphone wtf...

  12. Ijau D.Koceng don't forget about Ibanek, DeadEye any news on when mine is coming? :)

  13. daniel: which daniel are u bro? got 3 daniels pending haha...

  14. bro, is it possible for you to order another 1??
    Am really interested! could you quote me a price? my email is

  15. replied your email on this bro! :D

  16. bro,mail me the price pls!!!

  17. got u email for the price bro! :D

  18. haha.. lemme know when u're on the green light! :D

  19. Bro, could u pls pm me the price. Btw, do you have other colours?

  20. Hi there, could you email me the price ?
    Thanks !

  21. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  22. waaa.... the one that i tried is another one rite? not this one eh? the cheaper one at ur store during pickup my epiphone ultra 2. huhu.. the cheaper one sound really great! warm, just like what i wanted. this one's tone must be beyond my imagination hahaha

  23. not this one, haha.. that one is LP studio :D
    come come lp tribute haha!

  24. haha, tribute 60s are great. but maybe i save for studio haha. wait aaa, will buy studio. love the sound

  25. Haha together with the drums bro :p

  26. haha, pokai la nanti. i will back shah alam 3 march, can't wait for new drum haha

  27. Bro, can still order ka for this one? Btw, how much? Pm me

  28. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  29. price please ..

  30. U got the price emailed bro! :D


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