Schedule for Zakk Wylde in Singapore 2009

Hey guys, finally a schedule for meeting Zakk Wylde in Singapore for those who are purchasing the Packages in my previous post :D

- Arrive at Swee Lee Katong Branch at 6pm on 30th November 2009
- Meet up with Zakk Wylde behind the stage
- 7pm Zakk Wylde Workshop begins
- An after workshop meal with Zakk Wylde
- Yes, not to missed out, Zakk Wylde signing on the Epiphone Zakk Wylde purchased!

Dont missed out the chance of meeting Zakk Wylde guys :p


  1. i'll be there at the workshop too, cant wait to see him!

  2. just got the guitar from this dude. awesome i should say! thanks for everything man!

  3. faizal: got the rvsp from gibson singapore? haha.. nice one bro! :D

    anonymous: thanks bro! enjoy the workshop there :p

  4. bro, offer ada lagi x? kalo x bli guitar bleh masuk?

  5. tak beli guitar bole masuk workshop, tapi dah full dah bro. offer ada lagi :D


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