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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guitar of the Day #1

many guitar impressed me throughout the world, and this one would be top in my list
well, i'm a fan of Randy Rhoads and King V shape guitars, so this axe got to go top!

ESP Shinigami

this is one crazy guitar from ESP custom shop
simply amazing, i can say

How much does this guitar cost? Let me see... i think its as much as getting a Honda Civic :D
Also known as the God of Death



  1. this kind of guitar needs EMG or Blackouts

    Seymour Duncan passive too pussy d !

  2. those japanese seems to like Seymour Duncans passive compare to active pickups, i wonder why too. i see all ESP japanese artist guitars are with Seymour Duncan passive

  3. guitar ni gila, harga pun mahal semacam honda civic

  4. if i could get my hands on this...

  5. haha.. come come make one, i wanan try it too :p

  6. is this guitar playable? it looks like for display only

  7. there is another similar guitar, also by esp, with snakes

  8. i'm not sure wei, i think it should be playable
    yeah, saw the snakes wan from the ESP catalogue, but i prefer this one more :D

  9. the 'kepala hotak' one... :P

  10. haha.. apa pasai kepala hotak plak :p

  11. haha ganeh gilo..tak sanggup nak pakai :P

  12. hahaha.. damn ganas. price also bloody ganas :p

  13. fuh, Jem user. nice guitar u got there Jim!

  14. wow. anyone want to get this guitar, head to Davis Guitars at Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore. =) its on display with its ESP certification! i swear. xD

  15. haha yeah. one of the very few!

  16. Alexi laiho sure like!

  17. i saw alexi testing the new ESP AERO at the ESP japan office from their pics haha!

  18. My friend owns the original model of this. $35K was retail. All hand carved. He got ESP to fly it in so he could play it first. I think he ended up paying $19K for it.

  19. nice!! what number did he got it for? i saw a number 2 and number 3 before :D


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