Ibanez TS9 Mini Tube Screamer

The often-imitated Tube Screamer sound is back in a compact format with the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini. One of the most acclaimed overdrive pedals ever, the Tube Screamer is known for its rich midrange growl and dynamic touch sensitivity.

Ibanez TS9 Mini Tube Screamer

  • Reissue of the classic Tube Screamer overdrive pedal
  • Compact design is easier than ever to fit on your pedalboard
  • Growling overdrive with excellent touch sensitivity
  • Gig-ready and built to last
  • Wide range of tone from 3 simple controls
  • Requires AC509 power supply (not included)

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  1. kindly email me the price sir

  2. hi , please let me know the price for this mini. Do you have TS 808 ?

  3. can i have your email?
    or u can directly email me :D


    whatsapp: 0173945808


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