LTD Alexi 200 with EMG ALX

That's right, get your LTD Alexi 200 pumped up with the EMG ALX pickup! Boost up the low end that you need for heavy riffs, cut thru solos and more gain!

Clear sound on every strings, you will realise your guitar tone in a whole new level

Push Pull knob to on/off the booster. Get it on when you need that extra bite!

We do installation services as well. Hook us up an email or phone msgs


  1. Hi, i have a problem with the installation of EMG ALX on my alexi 200...the sound doesn't come out good and there are a lot of interferences and buzz...if i put on the distorsion pedal, the sound doesn't come out, only some buzz and bad sound...if i put the volume knob all down, the volume doesn't shut...i try everything and i emailed emg, but they say i build It the right way, so why It doesn't work? :(


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