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Friday, April 27, 2012

Arch Enemy Live In Malaysia 2012

Arch Enemy, LIVE AND KHAOS in Malaysia, on the 24th April 2012!
Moments of the night, here all in DeadEyeGuitars.com!

Lead Vocals Angela Gossow

Lead and Rhythm Guitarist Michael Amott

Bassist Sharlee D'Angelo

Drummer Daniel Erlandsson

New into the team, Nick Cordle, replacing ex-guitarist Chris Amott who left the band in March 2012

Pictures and Video, enjoy!


  1. dont need to, got lots of free posters :p

  2. all the nice events is happening after I left the country, *Face palm + shake head

  3. ampz: come back malaysia! hahaha

    lance: but not his signature guitars :(

  4. Very nice photos! A Gossow was so awesome even my non metalhead husband loved her performance =)

  5. Thanks! :D
    Haha.. She manage to get him into metal now :p


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