Evanescence LIVE in Malaysia 2012!

American Rock Band Evanescence performing live at KL Live Malaysia on the 23rd February 2012! Performing their hits Bring Me To Life, Going Under, Call Me When You're Sober and tracks from their latest album! 

Lead Vocals and Keyboardist, Amy Lee

Lead Guitarist with his Ibanez RG2570, Terry Balsamo

Troy McLawhorn, in charge with the rhythm position, spotted with Gibson Flying V, LP Custom and PRS SE Mike Mushok Brown Burst!

Bassist Tim McCord with his MusicMan Bass

Drummer Will Hunt with Pearl Drums

The band, with lots of fans cheering up for more!

Amy on the Baldwin Piano, performing slow slongs for the fans

The crowd

Great performance, great show!


  1. eh mana your comment ijau? i tot i saw it?? @@

  2. eh? i didn't delete it
    here,i copied it back from email record

    "amy, what happened to u? falling under?"

  3. but did u see it here, or it's only me not seeing it?

    haha yeah, i saw what u wrote, but wut happened to her? she's ROCKING on stage! :D

  4. i see it when i post my comment, but now gone already

    i only have their 1st album 'fallen' amy was hot back then :D

  5. haha weird, several times already

    most of us gotta agree on that statement :p

  6. Same as Bert case??

    Damn! This year got lots of concert been held around here. Judas Priest & LOG, Evanescence, Underoath, Arch Enemy. As a poor guy, i have to let go some of this concert. Well, all my funds go to A7X. :D
    But its seems that A7X is just a rumors for now. T.T
    Arch Enemy look nice though.

    How bro? When want to go PWTC?

  7. yeap, same as bert case. several times already :(

    haha Arch Enemy and A7X!!


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