Children Of Bodom in Singapore 2011!

The Hate Crew giving out an awesome performance at Fort Canning, Singapore on the 17th November 2011! This is the Children Of Bodom, enjoy!

Consisting of 5 members in the group, formed in 1993, from Finland. Having 7 studio albums up to date, categorize under the Extreme Metal with heavy riffs and unique guitar solos!

Frontman and lead guitarist Alexi Laiho, with his infamous ESP Pink Sawtooth guitar!
Ranked as one of the 50 fastest guitarist in the world

Rhythm guitarist (with backing vocals and lead guitar roles) Roope Latvala, who joined the band in 2003 after former rhythm guitarist Alexander Kuoppala left the band. Seen with his ESP Random Star II signature guitar on stage!

COB bassist, Henkka Seppala with his ESP Forest Light Grey.
The youngest member in the Hate Crew

Keyboardist Janne Wirman in action, driving force behind the songs of Bodom.
The man who shares solo battles with Alexi Laiho

Drummer Jaska Raatikainen, one of the founding member along with Alexi Laiho

Pictures throughout the night, where Children Of Bodom giving out an energetic performance for the fans!

It's solo time! Performance include new and old Bodom songs, Kissing The Shadow, Downfall, Deadnight Warrior, Bodom After Midnight, Hate Crew Deathroll, Living Dead Beat, Relentless Reckless Forever and more!

"Was It Worth It"?

The fans...

Hail from Malaysia!


  1. white forest = poison

    i don't give a f**k if u hate me! >:)

  2. there's one LTD version which for me, more of a poison, transparent white finishing :D

  3. doubled the poison then...

    p/s: but even normal LTD took almost 3 weeks now! huh!~

  4. hahaha! i cant remember which model it was, but not the expensive ones :D

  5. How can you get a nice pictures? that was a awesome performance but very disappointed bcoz organizer did not sell COB shirt. what a f**king s***

  6. ish..i'm no where near the country

  7. anonymous: thanks! i love being credited for nice pics! :D haha yeah.. but there are some CDs to grab :D

    ampz: next year Lamb Of God bro! :D


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