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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shanghai Music Expo 2011

The 2011 Shanghai Music Expo, the 3rd largest Music Exhibition in the world!
Enjoy the pictures! For ESP, Ibanez and Schecter fans, continue scrolling down, will be posting more in the near future! :D

Paiste endorser on DW drums, Kristofer Niepert!

Music keychains anyone?

Christophe Godin performing on Laney Amps!

The ESP Custom Shop, amazing design and craftmanship! (and it's missing the neck pickup)

Drum Craft endorser, Mike Terrana! I gotta say this guy is really good! Wait till you watch the video of his performance on that day!

Jackson King V USA! Nice shining inlays there

Fashion and Rock! 

Are the fans seeing their favourite guitar there? Avenged Sevenfold fans gotta love this!

Our 7 string hero, Jeff Loomis with his signature Schecter 7 strings guitar!
Practising before the real deal

Virgil Donati on Pearl drums with Sabian cymbals!

China metal band with their ESP guitars and bass!

...and the Ibanez Custom Shop Decepticon guitar! Check out the inlay!


  1. mike terrana currently plays for Masterplan! \m/

    p/s: nice "schecters" leng lui

  2. So, that's the reason you were at oversea.. Awesome ESP Custom and Ibanez Custom, I wish I have that inlay on my next guitar ;D

  3. ijau: yeap, his performance was insane!! haha.. hot i would say :D

    kevin: yeap! u can make one too! :D

  4. More Eei Es Pee!! More Eei Es Pee!!
    More Eei Es Pee!! More Eei Es Pee!!

  5. HI there! what are the V's in the first pics? looks like the DBZ venom shape but different headstock/company.
    thx !

  6. hafiz: haha!! it took me sometime to think what were u trying to say :p

    manu: fanddec, but we dont have this shape in malaysia yet. get DBZ venom, plays alot better :p

  7. waaa.....so nice~ if only i could attend as well

  8. wrong words tauke, it should be like this:

    HEAVEN (on earth) for guitar lovers! \m/


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