The Global Battle of the Bands 2010 Final!! Live In Malaysia!

For the first time, the Global Battle of the Bands final, LIVE IN MALAYSIA!!
With bands from all over the world, 18 countries, competiting to be the best band of the year!

First prize for the champ: USD100k

the champion of GBOB 2009, RUSTIC from China!
(They have the style of the champion, showmanship was awesome!!)

The best new band of 2010, DUBTONIC KRU from Jamaica!
Champion of the GBOB 2010, who walk away with the winning prize USD100k!!

The bass without a headstock, impressive isnt it?

Pics of other champion of their countries!
Presenting our very own homegrown champion, BOMBERS FROM MALAYSIA!

Super Shredding Technical Difficulties band from Thailand, LUMINASION!

Pop Woravit, the lead guitarist of the band having a guitar/keyboard dual with keyboardist Joe!

Hail down under from Australia, The Tillegra Damned!!

Love the Ibanez V Blade in white, anyone??

From mainland China, The Amazing Insurance Salesman!
(Yes, they bring the looks and the suit!)

Slash and Axl???
They really give the Guns N' Roses look!

NOPE from Morocco! It's like a stage act, everyone's loving the scene!

Carrying their flag with pride, THE RIVER RAID from Brazil!

The one and only female vocalist band hail from England, SCARLLETTA!!

Congratulations to all the winners from each country, and especially to the winning band from Jamaica, the DUBTONIC KRU!

If you're the champion, what will you do with the winning prize USD100k? As for me, BUY MORE GUITARSSSS!!!! :p


  1. that malaysian guitarist steps on the flag...

  2. anwar: will upload them later! :D

    ijau: rockstar on stage, high already, wont perasan wan. just wanna goreng! :D


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