BOSS ST-2 Power Stack

The latest overdrive/distortion pedal from BOSS company
Something that enable the player to switch from fat crunch tone to high-gain distortion!

BOSS ST-2 Power Stack

Authentic amp stack sound from the stompbox pedal
With the Boss ST-2, guitarist can nail those killer huge-stack crunch without needing to carry you amp heads around!

The ST-2 lets you enjoy a rich, clean tone when playing soft, and smoothly transition into a fat crunch as you play harder, great for rock ballads or songs that require dramatic tone shifts.

Turn up the SOUND knob for a heavy-metal tone. The ST-2 allows extreme high gain, but offers a powerful low-end and sharp edge at the same time

Two-band EQ with dedicated Bass and Treble knob
The Sound knob controls both the gain level and sound character

Like any other BOSS stompbox pedal, the ST-2 Power Stack can be powered by both 9v dc adapter or a 9v battery for those on the go!

The pedal that fills your need when it comes to both crunch and high-gain tone. Give this pedal a try, you'll love it!


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