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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ibanez PGM3 White - Paul Gilbert Signature

For Paul Gilbert fans, an affordable signature guitar of his, with a similar design and color, the Ibanez PGM3!
White finishing RG shape with unique painted F holes, and most of all, the Ibanez Reversed Headstock!

Ibanez PGM 3 White

Construction: 25.5 Bolt-on (AANJ)
Body: Basswood
Neck: 3 pc Wizard II Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Bridge Pickup: INF2
Middle Pickup: INFS1
Neck Pickup: INF1
Bridge: EDGE III Bridge
Finishing: White

The one of a kind Ibanez guitar
Basic RG shape with unique F holes design on the body and white pickups to match the body

Equipped with the Ibanez Edge III bridge, for those who always uses the whammy bar!

Single Volume Knob control with 5 way switch blade

Ibanez stock pickups, the INF series
This pickup is an all rounder pickup, suitable for lead, rhythm as well as clean sound!

25.5" construction length, with 24 Jumbo frets
A great guitar for the shredders!

Most oustanding among all other RG guitars, the PGM3 having the Ibanez Reversed Headstock!
The reversed headstock has always been something most RG players always wanted

Rosewood fingerboard, for the creamy and warm sound

3 pc Wizard II maple neck.
It's a fast neck for the shredders!

All Access Neck Joint (AANJ) allows player to access the upper frets easier!
The larger cutaway of the RG series also play a role on the easy access

Built not just for Paul Gilbert fans, also for guitarist who loves white finishing and reversed headstock RG guitars!
One of a kind Ibanez RG, and yet affordable for most of the players!


  1. drop me ur email bro, then i can get back to u on the price! :D

  2. ohmaigod my guitar~ :P damn value for money + dead eye price. wahhhh~

  3. i want with maple fretboard....

  4. bro...best larr...but more sexy with maple fretboard...

  5. ijau: ouch... lately poison fail alot :(

    aaron: ur a paul gilbert fan? :D

    anonymous: that is where Ibanez having the PGM301 and PGM300re :D

    eccentric: that's the PGM301 and PGM300re bro! :D

  6. fungamesunlimited@gmail.com sorry for the lame email username haha

  7. "loves white"? hmm... macam ku kenal orang itu :D

  8. freegames: u got the price pm bro!

    sazaly: well, 2 guys i kenal like dat, and both posted right above here (and both owned this guitar as well :p)

    designationjazz: haha.. any nice words for this guitar? :D

  9. hahaa. ya. agree with eccentric. with maple fretboard and fixed bridge more shiok. but then same wih pgm301. unfortunately cant afford ;[ so settle for this guitar. but not bad oso pgm3.

  10. one day u can man, dont giv up! :p
    more and more turning fixed bridge nowdays eh

  11. i'm vice-versa... from fixed to float, from green to orange >:)

  12. becoz u still have a green/fixed axe in hand! :p

  13. it's been replaced with RG, remember?

  14. hahaa. fixed bridge pros is sustain and tuning stability and you really have to work on your bends while not relying on the whammy bar i guess :P thats why i like. yeah, the rg350m maple neck but got the edge III haiyooo. potong. Ijau : i guess i have the same guitar as you haaha

  15. ijau: no, i meant the almost greenish V guitar :p

    aaron: ijau sold off his similar guitar to yours already :( (to be replaced with a RG!)
    best of all is, having both so u are versatile! :p

  16. oh really? i tot it was his "signature guitar" :]
    how much he sell? he sell online?

    haha yeap :P now aiming flying v!

  17. he got a better 'signature' guitar in the process at the 'custom shop'

    the epiphone flying v?

  18. greenish V guitar? eh that V was colourful la - got orange, red, blue, white, black but no green

    "he got a better 'signature' guitar in the process at the 'custom shop'"

    custom shop eh?

  19. got greenish/bluish feel onto the overall guitar :D

    haha.. who knows right?

  20. haha. wow? post pic la! :P

    abit like that. i looking for smth that looks like Jackson Y2KV.

    can recommend mou deadeye :]

  21. f means forte=loud. ff means fortissimo=very loud. This is very loud guitar :D

  22. aaron: jackson v u mean, not the gibson v style :p

    sazaly: u change to dimarzio pickups, then u got the loudness nicer haha!

  23. In the future dude... Will consider about it...

  24. price bro?

  25. Ya but not pointy one like the king v :)

  26. i dont get u bro
    jackson v are pointy
    while the gibson flying v is not pointed :D

  27. ya, go google jackson y2kv. not pointed :P but discontinued liao~ i think only gibson and shecter got not pointed v. :]

  28. gimme the price as soon as possible

  29. bro , do you have pgm 100RE or 300RE?

  30. anonymous: u got the price emailed bro! :D

    anonymous: ibanez pgm300re available, pgm100re not available :D

  31. can u explain the difference between pgm3 and the other pgm series?
    and please explain about fixed bridge and the other bridge and tell which is better
    thank you

  32. u can check out the specs from www.Ibanez.com under malaysia bro :D
    u will get full details on the difference there :D

    there is no good or better between fixed or floating bridge, it depends which u like better :D

  33. no hardcase, just the guitar itself bro
    hardcase can be purchased separately :D

  34. pgm 3 + hardcase?

  35. pm me the price, bro at mushero@gmail.com

  36. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  37. bro.....for how much is this?...night_warrior96@hotmail.com

  38. yo nightwarrior, do drop me an email on ur enquiries or any budget that ur looking for :D

  39. can i know the price =) khoorocker@hotmail.com

  40. can the edge III be mod into a original floyd rose?? =/

  41. yes of coz, the Edge III can be replaced by the Original Floyd Rose tremolo system :D

  42. thx you =) one more question, if i mod it? will it stay in tune coz i know edge III doesn't =)

  43. if OFR tuning stability is still a question for u, i would suggest u to take fixed bridge already, as i cant figure what is better than that :p

  44. one of my dream axe!..give me the price :D


  45. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  46. how much??

  47. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  48. give me the price bro, bishenerd@yahoo.com..want to compare the price for this with ibanez s570b..

  49. send me the price..


    you got Ibanez EGEN8? send me its price too..thanks

  50. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  51. Email me the price



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