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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peavey Bandit 112 Amplifier

Masters of Metal, behold the amp for the Metal Scene!
The Peavey Bandit 112, amp for metal heads, which is suitable for small gigs, jamming studios as well as home practice!

Peavey Bandit 112

The Bandit 112 is a 80w amp, which the output power is adjustable depends on the space you're playing with.

Comes with one 12" speaker, ready to blast!
With Peavey's advanced technology, the TransTube emulation giving you more solid sound!

Height of 60.63cm, width 72cm and a weight of 18.14kg!
Gotta check out your room space before getting this monster into your room!

2 inputs: Low gain and High gain input, depending on which you prefer to play with.
2 channels, the Clean and the Lead!

Not just an amp for the Metal players, it also gives a great clean sound and of coz, other style as well. Depending on your setting on the EQ

Having the Reverb effect built in, and a boost to pump up the sound!

Not to missed at the back of the amp, 3 damping options depending on you playing and the music that you want
Power level adjustable: 100%, 50%, 25%
By connecting to an external speaker, now you got yourself a 100w amp!

The 12" Blue Marvel speaker!

When you need something heavy, really heavy sound, the Peavey Bandit 112 is an awesome choice for you metal riffs and lead!
If you're looking for something smaller, do check out the 15w Peavey Vypyer 15!


  1. a non-nonsense amp really, no built-in effects (except reverb) which was cool!~

    dimension 60x72cm wasn't a problem, but the weight almost 20 kilo! that's a hell to pay (if send via post)

    tauke, is it under standard quota or waaay~ over?

  2. yeap! no-nonsense at all! serious metal kau kau!
    20kg, and the size of the box, will be quite a trouble to courier over. not sure if it does exceed parcel, if no, then no problem! :D

    somewhere around standard quota, safe zone! :p

  3. there's always sea-mail option for oversize stuff... cheaper, but takes almost 1 month to arrive in east m'sia

  4. price price! hahahaha
    which is better, the vypyr or this one bro?

  5. ijau: i never try that one, but yeah, that's very very long! but a parcel delivery should actually be good enough for the price.

    anonymous: u got the email bro! :D

  6. i have tremendous respect for the Bandit. together with the discontinued XXL, they are some of the best solidstate amps- great tones without featuring tubes in the circuitry. however, i won't call it a heavy metal amp because the on-board distortion isn't s typical definition of 'heavy', it's superb distortion but not exclusively heavy. highly recommended for players who want a straight through plug in :-)

  7. hey thanks for the great comments!
    well that goes with the brand Peavey, which are usually in the metal scene :p

  8. I agree with subversion sg...all peavey bandits are awesome amps and they make great workhorses! Reliable as hell, and best of all it's really transparent. They work really really well with multi efx units like GT-8 or Pod XT Live or the like..sounds damn cun! (much better than plugging in to a Marshall combo lol).

  9. so conclusion, it's one the awesome amp around which all you need to do is plug in and play, no need any amp modulations :D

  10. later i'll produce my own,n the brand will b 'Pervert'!hahahaha

  11. your new 'brand' hard to sell with such name haha!!

  12. how much the price bro? interested.

  13. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  14. hi Dead Eye, can you email me the price (inclusive of delivery, both air & sea)? I'm from Miri, Sarawak and there is a shop here that sells it for like RM 22XX.XX, but I'm just opening my options for any other retailers that sell this. I was on a lookout for a new amp and I guess from the reviews (and some huge comparisons with the crappy Marshall MG combos) I have a feeling that this amp with worth the purchase. Do email me your quoted price to: axlanbenjamin@gmail.com

  15. bro pm me the best price for this amp.


  16. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  17. bro pm me the best price for this


  18. hey there, pm me the price for this



  19. price please..

  20. got u emailed for the price bro! :D

  21. how much bro?


  22. u got the price emailed bro! :D

  23. Bro, pls email me! With footswitch and delivery to miri please! sgt.will97@gmail.com

  24. got u emailed for the price! :D


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