Ibanez XPT700XH - The 27 Frets Shredding Guitar

When 24 frets are not enough for your playing, here you go. A 27 frets slim neck shredding machine, Ibanez XPT700XH, from the family of the X series, Xiphos!

Ibanez XPT700XH GSF

Construction: 25.5 Neck-thru w/ KTS Titanium Reinforcement
Body: Mahogany Wing
Neck: 5pc Wizard II Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Sharktooth
Frets: 27 Jumbo Frets
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio D Activator
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton S
Bridge: Edge III
Finishing: Green Shadow Flat
Hardcase Included

An extreme body shape with extreme playability unlike regular guitars!
Now u have access to extra 3 notes! (comparing with the 24 frets RG)

With it's mahogany body, the guitar produces a warm and rich tone!
Combining with the 5pc Maple/Walnut neck

Basic controls, 1 volume, 1 tone and a 3 way toggle switch

Like regular RG 300 series, the XPT700XH comes with the Ibanez Edge III bridge

For the metal shredders, you're gonna love the sound of this guitar!
Comes with DiMiarzio D Activator on the bridge, one of the highest output passive pickup!
Good for lead as well as heavy riff!

Not to forget the shredding part for the neck, the DiMarzio Air Norton S!
Warm sounding and very well balanced.
Great combination for a neck pickup.

Marking the Ibanez logo at the headstock

Rosewood fingerboard for a warm sounding tone, with the Ibanez Sharktooth inlays!

27 frets full access!
Deep cutaway which does not block ur fingers all the way to reach the 27th!

Finishing on the neck, smooth playability

Neck-thru body construction which provides massive sustain and playing comfort!
Allowing a better access to the upper frets as well!

The Ibanez XPT700XH comes with the Ibanez Xiphos hardcase!
And yes, it comes free along with the guitar!

Unlike regular Ibanez hardcase, it comes with gold hardware

Fitting Xiphos shape where the XPT can stay comfortably

Metal shredders, keep an eye on this guitar when you need beyond 24 frets, and of course, with an extreme shape! (Not to mention for those who love green)


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  9. the USA edition comes in white for the XPT700, but not in asia region :(

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  17. hey, sorry this guitar is a discontinued model :(


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