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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Orianthi: Live in Malaysia 2010

For the very first time, the australian female guitarist performed in Malaysia!
Orianthi Panagaris is well known for being the late Michael Jackson's lead guitarist for the "This Is It Concert"

And this is, Orianthi's Live Performance in Malaysia 2010!
Enjoy the pictures!

Lots and lots of fans queuing up to enter the concert hall


And here's our Fly.fm crew, Prem and Jules
Well, it's awkward to see how Prem dressed, but still attractive attention! :D

Fans holding up home made posters, the Panagaris Ninja

Orianthi, the female shredder with her PRS USA guitar

A close-up look of Orianthi's PRS Custom 24

Orianthi and her band performing with full energy, not letting the fans down!

Her guitar solos were amazing! It's like something In Your Face!

Now another guitar, a PRS Goldtop (which can be seen on her video Highly Strung which features Steve Vai)

Orianthi threw her picks to the audience, which causes some massive havoc where everyone rushing to grab the picks!
And here's the Orianthi Tortex Picks

Intro for hits song, Shut Up And Kiss Me

Her performance was really awesome!
Looking forward to see her live again


  1. almost like prs allender look-a-like bro

  2. now we have some hot chick rocking on stage!

  3. missed this one for a greater purpose (Slash). Travelling all the way from Tronoh.

  4. i was there and she was cool!!

  5. doooooddd why all guitar fotos close-up????
    makes me cum laaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. ijau: well it's actually lighter, not so dark. it's the lighting problem

    anonymous: finally a shredder hot chick!

    ben: haha.. slash's a rock star! most guitarist are there

    joe: it's an awesome night isnt it :D

    Mimin: haha.. that's the purpose, it's DeadEye Guitars bro!!

    Meia: WOW!! nice drawing u got there :p and an almost lookalike guitar like the one she's using

  7. hahaha! apparently the guitar is bigger than Orianthi. glad she likes it. im almost burst into tears >.<
    thank you :)

  8. meia: but it's cute! and ur drawing of her is cute too! anyway, wuts the ninja for?

  9. i went to see her concert and it's really worth every sen.. i got two picks.. i think panagaris ninjas stands for the fans..

  10. got green picks? is that hers too?

  11. zed: yeah, it's awesome! well we have to hear what the owner says :D

    the green pick belongs to the rhythm guitarist, with orianthi word on it too

  12. yeah lol :D
    i see.. u're so lucky.. i only got two ori's white picks :P..
    she's really awesome n i really wish her coming back here..

  13. haha.. it's a Dunlop Tortex pick, so can be purchased :p

    haha yeah, i wish to see her again. her playing was awesome!!
    are u a guitarist urself? :D

  14. yeah.. but purchased one will be not the same :P

    im a guitarist and seeing hot chick shredding definitely a turn on for me :D

  15. haha yeah true. but that's if u get the one she's using, not the one she threw from the box haha..

    and seeing a hot chick play so good, it's some challenge too!


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