Herman Li - Ibanez Guitar Clinic Malaysia

As we all know, the Dragonforce lead guitarist, Herman Li is coming to town!
Showing his fast licks and shredding techniques! Shredders out there, you wont wanna miss this :p

Tickets are available at Bentley Music at RM35 each.
Apart from showcasing his guitar techniques, Herman Li will answer questions from the audiences.

Endorser of the Ibanez Guitar, with his signature EGEN18 and the EGEN8
Grab your tickets and make yourself free on the 24th July!


  1. email me the price... oops! wrong entry >:)

  2. got my tix last week. thumbs up!

  3. when is the workshop?

  4. ijau: correct entry! egen8 or egen18 bro? :p

    daniel: nice! hope u enjoy urself there! :D

    anonymous: 24th July at Bentley bro :D

  5. do we have to be a guitarist to come ? or can we jst be a dragonforce fan ?

  6. no, u dont have to be a guitarist, fans are all welcome! :D


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