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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lamb Of God Singapore Tour 2010

Things sure are heating up now, it's just days ahead for the Lamb of God Singapore tour!!
Those guys who bought tickets months ago, are indeed waiting eagerly now (as seen on facebook post by a number of users)
Pack ur bags now, as it's only 3 more days to the very day!

The Pure American Heavy Metal group has so far released 6 studio albums, where the most recent album Wrath is released in 2009
And here's frontman Randy Bylthe, the guy who does all the screaming work.

I'm sure most u guys know who is he, Mark Morton, lead guitarist.
Look at that Jackson Dominion he's using! It's one hell good guitar! *Hint Hint*
I was amazed to find out that Morton has a Master's degree, and yet rocking up on the stage!!

Rythm Guitarist Will Adler, endoreser to the ESP Guitars. Using his signature Eclipse shape ESP Will Adler. *Hint hint*
Younger brother of drummer Chris Adler.
Both Morton and Will's riffs are indeed very awesome. Riffing at almost the speed of soloing, that's not something can be done.

Bassist John Campbell, one of the founder of Lamb of God along with Mark Morton and Chris Adler. Notable for using Jackson Concert bass

And Drummer Chris Adler!
This is guy can be considered one of the best metal drummers for me!
Having odd time signature, and weird patterns, giving alot of UHMMM in the music

My all time favourite Lamb of God track, REDNECK!
with the all technical drum stuff, and fast guitar riffs!!

What's your favourite Lamb of God track?


  1. buy some stuff from swee lee, will u?

  2. redneck ftw!! but i think more ppl go for walk with me in hell

  3. got jackson dominion special price this week?

  4. ijau: buy wut stuff?

    daniel: yeah redneck!!

    anonymous: haha was planning to actually

  5. tiket dah jual kat member bro, huhu... bulan ni cash tight

  6. laid to rest and omertha

  7. anonymous: haha.. adui bro!

    damien: nice! dropping over to the show this thursday?

  8. nah man. saving up to buy guitar from you :)

  9. looking forward into that man :D

  10. my all time favourite is the In Your Words of Wrath


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