In Flames: Departure of Jesper Strömblad

It's sad to hear that Jesper Strömblad has left In Flames
This is due to some personal reasons and health issues

Jesper was the founder of In Flames in 1993, in order to write something more melodic which he wasnt able to do in his previous band, Ceremonial Oath. Their first album was recorded under the name Lunar Strain, where vocalist Mikael Stanne (currently frontman of Dark Tranquillity) recorded vocals for the album.

Jesper also co-founded Sinergy, a more towards power metal super band with Kimberly Goss, along with Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom. However, Jesper only recorded the first album Beware the Heavens with Sinergy, where later replaced by Roope Latvala (current guitarist of Children of Bodom)

Jesper was also a founding member of HammerFall, filling the role as drummer together with Oscar Dronjak, rythm guitarist of HammerFall.

Throughout his carreer as a guitarist, Jesper had been using various brands of guitars.
He was endorsed by ESP and using the ESP EX series until he switches to Gibson in Reroute to Remain. The he returned back to ESP and finally back to Gibson.
During his time with Gibson, Jesper uses the Gibson Explorer and Flying V guitars.

As posted by Jesper, it seems that he will return to the music scene after everything settled down. Hope he'll be back to In Flames, as it'll not be the same without Jesper

Jesper Stromblad time in In Flames, 1993 - 2010


  1. in flames dulu bes, tapi album baru kurang

  2. moral of the story: come come buy buy... ESP and gibson! >:)

  3. anonymous: clayman best!

    ijau: haha.. just some paused for the mean time

  4. btw, colony was the ONLY in flames album i have...

  5. the jester race is the best album!!
    ho yeah!!
    both jesper and bjorn are two of my idol in it is kinda sad for me when jesper leave the band.. :(
    who say album baru kurang??ok what..just they more into metalcore not as melodic death metal in their jester race-clayman era..
    in flames we trust..ahaha

  6. it is sad to hear his departure. in flames was the first metal band i have listen to

  7. anonymous1: wuts ur best track in In Flames bro? i actually like Clad In Shadows '99 very much!

    anonymous2: i think In Flames could be most of our first melodic death band :D

  8. kata kurang jer bro, bukan tak best. jgn marah hahahaha
    yang album lepas reroute to remain kurang melodic, tapi bole thn

  9. In Flames xpyh nak cer lgy arr..
    Byk gler lagu best..
    Tp bg aku, arrangement paling best
    dan unik pnah aku dgr lagu ni..


  10. hisham: haha.. yeah yang album lama more melodic metal

    Ax: man made god instrumental best! banyak lagu best like u said haha.. jotun, jester's race and many more!

  11. same here..i think the first melodeth band I've listened to was In Flames.
    My favourite track? Tough fight between Jotun, Episode 666 or the middle instrumental section in Zombie Inc lolz

  12. eh, our favourite songs didnt really clash, only jotun. thought man made god was good!

  13. never really liked their albums after reroute to remain. album2 lama kira "legendary la" masa tu swedish death metal mmg bes.dark tranquility,in flames,at the gates dgn soilwork...nowadays semua dah change sound,so i dont listen to them that much..fav songs: dead eternity(prefer the demo version dunno why hehe) december flower (best solo ever!) jotun,artifacts of the black rain,man made god n dialogue with the stars...

  14. haha true. yang album dulu swedish metal memang best!! favourite song u banyak tu bro, takde best of the best among the best? :D

  15. best among the best dead eternity kot,really like the intro...dgr lagu tu berpuluh2 kali pun x boring hehehe..anyway wish jesper all the best,hopefully his music will still live on..gothenburg metal FTW!

  16. haha.. jesper sounds like he will be back to the metal scene, probably new band?


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