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Sunday, July 12, 2009


The current craze now, TRANSFORMERS! Thanks to their latest movie, Revenge of the Fallen, our beloved Transformers are back to life. (or should i say, thanks to Megan Fox)

Those who were my age, remember those days when we watch Optimus Prime fighting Megatron (which turns into a pistol) and all those squarish robot toys we used to have? Well those bring back sweet memories :)
While i was spending my time at Queensbay Mall in penang, i saw this bunch of older transformer toys on display.

At this very moment, it took me back in time, like 15 years back. I was looking around to find any transformers that i used to have.
And for the millenium kids, probably you havent seens the old Starscream before, here you go, the red one, 2nd from the bottom left

Uh oh... Unicron, the largest transformers of all time, which transform himself into a planet to swallow nearby planets (sounds scary huh?)

Anyone of you rememebers the Japanese Version Transformers? The Victory, which the main hero is Star Saber. One of my favourite! No no, its not bout the hot chick behind, mind you.

REVENGE OF THE FALLEN! It looks like Optimus is owning in this picture. Yeah, i'm always on the autobots side. sorry for u guys decepticon fans :p Well somehow i was quite disappointed to see Devastator destroyed just like that in the movie. At least he should put up more a fight, as he's so HUGE and STRONG, and one blast by the human, and off it goes...

And as the display goes on, i saw these as well...

Must be some new japanese design Ninja that can transform too, else why is it displayed as well? :D


  1. hahaha transformers is famous this time is becoz of megan fox only

  2. dont pretend la bro, i'm sure you're taking that chick's pic :p

  3. yang besar tu memang tak guna la, sikit sikit dah hancur. bak kata badan besar otak kecil, hahahahaha

  4. so bro, will u be selling transformers as well? :p

  5. revenge of fallen not as nice as the first movie

  6. i wish to sell transformers too :(

  7. i was there at queensbay too. the display were quite a distance, making it hard to see them clearly

  8. oi u didnt answer me, were u taking the hot chick's pic? want to take, also take clearer shot la :p

  9. eh nola of coz not
    she's just some one take care of the area

  10. yup japanese version was the best! tf masterforce, tf victory (victory leo was the most berserk autobots), tf headmasters... those 90s stuff bring back some memories, yeah 6-shot was radical man~

  11. haha.. u remembered them so well :p
    for me, victory was my best, like star saber!


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