Taylor College Charity Carnival 2009

The Taylor College Charity Carnival, where stores were setup to sell some stuff. I was there to help out my buddy Clement of Music Master on his booth.

The manager, Clement aka Gapnap mou. Sorry, only got pic of his back :p

Music Master was pawning over the event (for musicical instruments and accessories)
as CK Music was there too, but not much stuff were on display though.

Business looking good, 'Sam, got spare change mou?!'

'Sam, put the amp over there please. Dont keep playing tornado of souls solo, chicks here wont like it!'

The event was quite a success, many people were there of various age, including students and working people. And of coz, many people come test guitars as well, even an uncle was a shredder! Guess shredders are everywhere nowadays.

Celcom held an event there, and that's like the best during the morning session, where everyone gather to watch various performances by Taylor College students and others as well.

So this is some dude dancing gracefully, but too bad i couldnt get shots of him dancing. Too many people around blocking me!!

And next, the Ronan Keating dude, When You Said Nothing At All.....

Songs like this, and with a simple acoustic guitar is gonna melt the girls' crowd.Halfway Promo: So guys, wut are u all waiting for? get yourself an Acoustic Guitar today! Just call or text me anytime, email are also welcomed :p

Taylor Swift and some rockstar! This 3 piece band performaned the famous Love Story song by Taylor Swift. well, alot paused in the song. but still, good try guys!

'Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, i'll be waiting all there's left to do is run...'

and finally, the girl who covered Leona Lewis song, was the best among all (well, at least for me). Great singing u got there!

Another event was competing eating banana the fastest. I tink the dude ate the skin as well.

Macam macam la things for sale. Food, drinks, optimus prime drink, clothing, musical stuff (music master mouu), and also booth for clubs signup for Taylor students. Soft toys are available as well, OMG!! They're so cute, haha....

'Nice to see, nice to smell, nice to squeeze' err... they sounded so wrong to me. First u see, then u smell, and u squeeze it!!

I dont know what's this la, some random pics, since it's next to Music Master's booth. Sky adventure anyone?

One of the Guitar Hero of the day. Too bad the another hero was far asleep at home, coz too busy practicing his licks at home during the night.

Another random pic of the day.

One of the hottest event of the day, where all the crowds were cheering and screaming madly. well, how can the girls resist? some leng chai is going to perfom. And, when i mean hot, i meant the weather is really damn HOT!! Dancing open air at 3pm, how hot can it be?

Wow, chick mc (one of the dancer too)

B-boys, and i tink one of the dude's name is Jerry. correct me if i'm wrong. They seems famous, as everyone knows their names

Wahhh lauuu!! one hand support the whole body, and u see that six pack?! Dont worry dont worry, playing guitar will build u muscle as well, see Petrucci and Chris Broderick :p

Acrobat anyone?

Kids, dont try this at home

Macha oso need some rest, and coke is the best

Wow, Ibanez Rg2550. Ibanez confirm shredder la, but i didnt see him performing.

This is what u guys have all been waiting for.... CHICKS!! yes, they are tons of chicks in this event!

Celcom's chick, wow.. She's HOT! :p

And next, dancing chicks!

This dance damn nice la, the guy and the girl dance together. But i dunno, the girl seems to smile and giggle while dancing. So happy hor, hehehe..

And to end the dance, where the whole crowd CHEERED!!

Here's another hot chick. Ya, only this caught Sam's attention. But too bad la, Mrs Sam is right beside him, eyes cannot turn around much :P

Last, the Celcom chicks!

Thanks for the pics girls!


  1. hey act tat nice 2 c, nice 2 smell stuff is keychain..i heard it has d bread smell as well..i love d polo bun wan..when lapar can sniff it..wat can i say..hot chicks everywhere..i wish i'm thr..haha..Celcom girls looks average..sorry...i'm jjus bein honest..hehe..i tink B-Boys rock d event tat day..n again..the chicks thr..Phewwwww...

  2. wahhh, why didn't u tell me there is such event? i would have gone there as i'm free. u know, since i'm so free today :(
    and damn, so many hot chicks!!
    what's with the dance? guitar rocks them out!!

  3. hey bro, i dont see u in any of the pictures?

  4. u go there for wut?tangkap gambar hot chicks?

  5. haram betul lah you ! only take chicks ..

    later your gf marah how

  6. hey, found your blog from google
    nice pic u got there. btw, i was there too

  7. nettoboy: well, i squeezed and smell it before, just that it sounded wrong there :p

    kc: i didnt know u were around

    kelly jacksons: no one helps me to take pics :(

    xuan: read la, i go there for wut. haram only tau see pics

    gapnap: eh wont la, for blogging purposes wut :p

    anonymous: glad u found my blog bro :D


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