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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metal Band @ Streets of the Curve

Metal band Live at The Curve, this somehow amazed me! and for sure, all metal fans as well :D (can someone help me out with the name of this band?)
sorry, i cant get it though it was announced :(

Metal up guys, the music is going to begin!

Man this attracts me alot (for I myself a metal-lover) hearing all those riffs, solos and most of all, DOUBLE PEDAL drumming! The band consists of 4 members, which i remembered correctly, the 'tai kor' of the band, bassist formally of SEARCH and RITZ of Metalasia fame taking the lead guitar parts. Sadly, Ritz didnt make it to the scene that night, and was replaced by some live sessionist.

The Front man:

The Bassist:

The stand in live guitarist:

(when i heard that Ritz was the lead guitarist of the band but was unable to perform that night, it was a slight let down, as being a fan of metalasia.... but this stand in guy was great, no doubt. soloing gila babi terror!)

The Drummer:

ARGGHH!!! i couldnt get a clearer pic of the drummer. that's the sad part of being drummer, less being noticed



Man i like this part alot. i always like seeing the guitarist dual solo together. Angra mou!

Hmm, i noticed the guitarist's guitars doesnt have a label. Ibanez Jem lookalike without the Ibanez logo, Fender Strat lookalike without Fender logo.

Mr Bassist looks like Nevermore drummer, Van Williams, to me :D

And so the song comes to an end, where the band played 2 songs, which 1 is heavy and the other is slightly lighter.

Good show guys!! Looking forward to see more of your stuff!


  1. his jemmmmmmmmmm!!!! SWEET !!!!

  2. power siut! what band is this bro, they looks like they're some veteran

  3. i was there too bro, and they're playing was very good!

  4. i duno wut jem is that, with pyramid inlays. universe 6 strings? :D

    sorry le bro, no videos :(

  5. thats the spirit la bro, support local bands!!

  6. Macam best giler beb!!!
    Wish I was there mou.. :(

  7. anyone knows the band's name?!

    best giler, when it comes to metal metal stuff live in malaysia :p


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