Metalcore Vocals/Guitarist

hey, suddenly i just realise 3 heavy metal/metalcore vocalist/guitarist are having the same name, MATT!

well, guess which bands am i talking about?
Killswitch engage? NOT!

its Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium and Shadows Fall.
so what do we have here?
Matt Tuck, Matt Heafy and Matt Bachand

Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine

Matt Heafy of Trivium

Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall, well he isnt the vocalist but he does backup vocals as well

Wow, isnt that coincidence? haha... but all 3 Matts are endorsed by different guitar companies, Matt Tuck on Jackson, Heafy on Gibson and Bachand on Ibanez.

Btw, does anybody know why Trivium's Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu left Dean?


  1. erm... few months back they used to talk to me about their dean guitars, i told them they had a lemon deal with dean and dean doesnt make very nice guitars... and poof* the day right after i read in news, they left dean..

  2. hahaha.. pandai la u make story :p
    then so u advice them to take wut guitar? wut guitar is best for corey?

  3. JCS guitars. ask me if you wanna know what is that brand.

  4. wuts this JCS? Joshua Chin Stagg? haha...

  5. how about avenged sevenfold? i mean the old avenged sevenfold. also have the same name right? ^^

  6. Matt is the official Metal name

  7. the bassist, Matt Wendt? haha.. counted oso hor
    no Matt cannot metal, haha..

  8. how bout Mat Kidau bro, counted?

  9. haha.. it shud be Matt Kidau then bro :p

  10. Ask him to use a kapok la...damn good man.

  11. heafy memang hensem wan, when his hair is short :p (unless i get the wrong picture la, ahaha..)

    ask who to use kapok? heafy?

  12. mat rempit is another one u missed out.

  13. i heard gibson is making matt heafy a signature guitar and corey is with DBZ

  14. heafy is already with gibsons, currently using les pauls. but they are making a 7 strings explorer for him :D
    for corey, i'm not sure. he's been using jackson and ESP live as well


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