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Monday, May 4, 2009

Epiphone Prophecy Futura FX

hey for those Explorer lover, and wanted something more brutal with double locking bridge and EMG active pickups, this is what i present to u...

Epiphone Prophecy Futura FX

- Mahagony body
- Mahagony neck
- Set-neck construction
- Original Floyd Rose
- EMG 81/85 active pickups

i was shocked when a customer ordered this guitar from me. the specs i read was mahagony body, with active EMG pickups and Original Floyd Rose, the price was reasonable.
Furthermore, its an Explorer!

Headstock Binding and Pearloid Epiphone logo, i like it!

Pearloid Blade Inlays and Neck Binding

This is where the power is, EMG 81/85 active pickups!

Original Floyd Rose Van Halen style

So explorer lover out there, what are u waiting for? Get one TODAY!! hahaha...


  1. haram.outside your windows trees wan ah..memang budak kedah ni

  2. Get one today? you mean call 017-3945808 right? it's like calling mcD delivery

  3. hey bro yeng la.
    u just bought?

  4. haram.. outside window got trees oso salah, haha.. environmental frendly la, showing trees and such

    haha.. yeah, u just call the number to book one today :p

    nola, not mine, a customer's guitar, u should know wut, haha..

  5. nice guitar deadeye, thumbs up
    btw, is that a flamed maple top?

  6. body shape tu tak semacam explorer biasa je

  7. Bump!!

    oops sorry wrong d, i thought its jamtank =.= wei gas mou! epiphone got ori floyd!

  8. WTF ? Original floyd rose ? eh i missed that..

    how much is this going for again ?

  9. haha bump
    with emg active and ori floyd, and below RM3k, worth it anot mou?

  10. crazy worth it

    macam ESP m2

    haram wei this guitar

  11. hah haram.. different feel compare with m2
    so wut do u mean by altec lansing? cheap with good stuff? :p

  12. looks damn jaymz hetfield wei..metallica fans sure like mou! (y)

  13. madness.. this is.

    haha great guitar.

  14. metallica fans will go to ESP wei :p
    its more like a super worth it guitar, haha..

  15. bro, guitar ni berapa?
    email: hisham_53@hotmail.com

  16. alright bro, got u email already :D

  17. hey dude i was wondering whether you could order a ebony explorer from epiphone? how much would that cost?
    and how much is the price for this guitar? would it be possible to order it or get it from you in a couple of months? need to save up heh.
    please send the details to me at anwar-02@hotmail.com.

  18. bro,how much this guitar???
    give me the last price ok...

  19. got u guys emailed for the prices :D

  20. i cant view ur profile/blog bro, so i cant confirm it its u, the owner of that guitar :p

  21. hey bro, yeah i still sell the futura fx
    mind dropping ur email so i can get back to u on the price? or straight contact me deadeyeguitars@hotmail.com
    or 017-3945808

  22. awesome guitar!!! bro pls pm me the price(c.o.d)
    my email: shahrudin@smi-marine.com

  23. Do you have Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy GX? How much?

  24. What price do you sell, before
    tax if you send to Indonesia ...
    Sent to my inbox on facebook:izza_radycal@rocketmail.com

  25. hey, got u guys emailed for the prices! :D

  26. please email me the price!!!!!

  27. got u emailed for all the prices u enquired bro! :D


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