Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal

The masses have spoken! When a pedal becomes a top seller for more than a decade to beginner, intermediate, and pro level players there is a reason why. DigiTech delivers everything from growling chunky rhythms, heavy grinding tones, all the way to amazing sustaining leads and everything in between.

Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal

  • Level (Loud) controls the distortion output level of your guitar signal.
  • Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies.
  • High adjusts boost and cut of high frequencies.
  • Gain (Grunge) controls distortion gain from moderate to extreme.
  • Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.

All this tone packaged in a rugged sturdy metal chassis that gives you full control over your tonal options with low and high EQ instead of the standard "one tone knob does all" that you find in other pedals. And to finish it off, you have the option of two outputs

Digitech Grunge Pedal

The amp output goes straight to your amp and the mixer output has a special cabinet emulator built in so you can go direct to the mixing console or add a little extra beef to your tone in your amp. Find out why players all over the world have sought this pedal out for over a decade and see what you have been missing!

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  1. i though these series (grunge, death metal, hot head, screamin' blues, bad monkey, etc) were already discontinued?

  2. yeap, but plenty of stock grunge. bad monkey sold out :(

  3. send me the price boss ... coneknoxville@gmail.com ..tq

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